Victory Parades

It’s the Pride Parade in London this Saturday and I’ll be firmly staying away from Daygame. I asked about this on Twitter and the majority of Londoners agree with my sentiment:

The reason I don’t like that day for Daygame is that I think it’s Fool’s Gold, similar to the Notting Hill Carnival and Camden Market (Camden review link here). On the surface it sounds like it will be amazing and that the streets will be rammed with slags. The truth is that they are mostly with their friends. Plus there are more trannies out and about which you need to cleverly avoid (some are quite convincing these days!). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, as a straight man you’re public enemy number one.

If you have at least half a brain, you can see that the Pride Parade isn’t about letting the oppressed express themselves, but is a simple victory parade for the left (I recently learned that the Pride flag is supposed to represent not just LGBTQIA+-#@ but also “black and brown minority ethnics”). Now, just to be clear, I am not a victim and neither should you be or feel like one either. Complaining about being a victim is feminine. But you can’t stop this parade from happening, so it’s best to simply stay away from it.

Another victory parade I see a lot these days is one for hypergamy in the form of girls wearing no bras. I asked a wing about this and he said he thought it was great. I disagreed. I personally find it vulgar and think most boobs look better in bras anyway. That’s what they were designed for!

The no bra movement is a victory parade because it flaunts “make rules for betas, break rules for alphas.” Any argument a girl could make about “freeing the nipple” breaks down because nipples are exciting for men to see, but not for women. For men it is a point of sexual attraction. So when girls are putting them on-show they know that they are providing titillation (pun intended) but that titillation should only be acted on by the alphas; the betas should stay away because even looking – don’t even mention approaching – is perverted, crass and creepy.

That’s why I would go so far as saying that you should count her wearing no bra as a red flag and shouldn’t approach. My guess is that these girls are deep into Leftist ideology – or are at least useful, brainwashed idiots – and are participating in the hypergamy victory parade. That is unless you are significantly above them in SMV (thus fulfilling their expectations)*. I think the same goes for those girls who dress in an excessively underage fashion. You can notice them by their trainers with massive soles.


* I think I should explain my position more a little bit. Someone could rightly say “you only dislike the no-bra trend because you don’t have access to those girls.” To some extent, yes, it’s not nice to be tempted with something sexual and then to not have access. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that these girls probably wouldn’t like me much anyway. In my honest opinion, they don’t seem like the girls who would be that amenable to Daygame. Daygame works best on girls who have an alternative mindset – not necessarily an alternative fashion sense mind you – and the no-bra trend is a firmly mainstream idea in its acceptability and so participating in it marks you as a follower.

I think the thing that puts me off of these girls, personality-wise, is that they are using their power in a somewhat “cruel” way. If you’re rich then it doesn’t mean you should flaunt your wealth around homeless people and tease them with food, only to draw it away when they reach for it. I’d say that a good judge of character is how well you treat the people below you on the ladder. Obviously I don’t mean that from a redistribution of wealth perspective, but you don’t have to taunt those beneath you.

Similarly for girls, the no-bra trend is like power which has corrupted. They know exactly the effect it has on men but decide to tittilate them anyway, just for the sport of it.


Perhaps in this class we could include girls who have pictures of themselves swearing at the camera. The message is clear “you want this but you can’t have it.” It’s the hypergamy victory parade.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

P.S. I took the victory parade term from Vox Day’s SJW Survival Attack Guide (link here).

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3 thoughts on “Victory Parades

  1. I disagree with camden as ‘fools gold’…political ideology should not be a screening factor for pretty ladies….
    ..if u intensely dislike ‘liberal’ lefty crowds…of course avoid parades & rallies…as it will affect your ‘state’ !


    1. I think Camden market is fool’s gold. The area itself I liked. And when it comes to girls, anyone with some Daygame experience knows the further left wing she is the harder it is to bang her for normal guys


  2. I will anticipate your nxt review of london hotspot outside westend….always good to mix it up…
    …lvpl st..brick lne…
    …sloane sq …kings rd
    London is the emperor of daygame!


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