Guest Lay Report: Student Success Story

Today’s post is a quick lay report from Mr M, a student of mine who I coached infield earlier this summer. During our coaching session we talked about escalation a lot and, as you will read, it paid off for him sooner rather than later! If you’re interested in coaching then let me know.


It was a summer night in Gdansk, and I was staying at my friend’s place. Around 20:00, we decided to go out to the shipyard, an area that looks kind of like a “street food” yard, with several bars and places to buy food, and also chairs and deck chairs to sit outside.

After talking to a few girls here and there (always initiated by me, cause my friend is too shy to cold approach), I spotted two cute girls, both classic beauties (nice facial features, slim body), about 7.5 – 8. I looked at my friend, he looked at me, and we both nodded: “we are not letting these two go without a shot.”

We ran after them, I looked over them quickly, and said the first thing that came to my head: “hey, I like your shirt, it looks very nice” or something like that. She replied “oh thank you so much” in a very american accent. I immediately asked “You are welcome. Where are you from, are you american?” and then the conversation was on.

Both girls were very keen on talking to us, so the set went quite smoothly. The four of us took a seat and continued talking. After 15 minutes or so, my friend and his girl went for drinks and left us alone. Roughly 5 minutes later, and seeing that my friend wasn’t coming back, I assumed me and my girl were going to be alone for quite some time, so the million dollar question came to my mind “Ok, how do I move forward, from just talking to something more”. Even though I had kissed girls in nightclubs before, my inner “nice guy” has more than 7 lives and always keeps coming back trying to sabotage my plans (in simple terms, I do chicken out in these situations, sometimes). Luckily, Tom’s hologram appeared in front of me, just at the right moment, and told me “remember what I told you, tattoos, rings, earrings, hair, compare hands.”

Game on. She had them all (I’d hope she had hands and hair! – TC). I started escalating with the above mentioned plan, and eventually went for the kiss. She rejected my kiss and said something like “I’m not that easy.” “Sure” I said to myself, “we’ll see.”

We went to buy drinks and then sat down on two deck chairs, next to each other. Some random convo and suddenly I said “come closer” and grab her deck chair. She complied without saying a word, and sat really close to me. Two-three words more and I put my arm around her shoulder and touched her gently and erotically, while carrying on the conversation. I kept this going for 2-3 minutes and then started kissing her on the neck, which she seemed to enjoy (she closed her eyes). From there to kissing her lips, easy peasy.

Shortly after, my friend and the other girl came to us. They were acting like a couple, so I could infer that my friend also had scored first base. Awesome. We chatted here and there and the girls suddenly said “we are gonna get some drinks! wait here!” At that moment I thought “great!”, although the day after I realised that it could have been a strategy to leave. But it wasn’t. They came back a few minutes later with four beers. Some more group talking ensued and we realised it was time to pull, so we suggested going to our place for one more drink.

Long story short, we went back to my friend’s room, put on some music, poured some drinks, and continued partying for another 30 minutes or so. At that moment, the TWO million dollar question came up “what would be Tom’s advice here?”. And then, I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what, but Tom’s hologram appeared AGAIN and shouted at my face “LEAD!”. So I pulled out my phone, searched for a hotel nearby (with reception, important for late bookings!), showed it to her and said “we are going there.” She said “okay” in a timid way. She then talked to her friend in polish for 5 minutes, got back to me and said “I’m ready.” We took a taxi to the hotel, spent the night together and the rest is history.

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