Coaching Call With “Brown Daygamer”

I recently had a pro-bono coaching call with Brown Daygamer, an intermediate guy based in the US who is just coming up to his 1,000th set. It was good to chat with him and you should definitely follow him on Twitter @BDaygamer (link to his profile here).

On the call we discussed:

  • How and why to develop a pre-approach filter
  • Balancing comfort with escalation
  • Date calibration
  • Leading, stacking, teasing and texting
  • Avoiding gimmicks

As always, afterwards, I sent him detailed notes on what we discussed. Here’s what he had to say after the call:

I recently had a coaching call with Tom C. The process of setting up a call was very smooth. I would’ve loved to meet him in person over a beer but we are continents apart so we had to rely on Telegram. Before our scheduled call he asked me to send him topics that I wanted to discuss with him. This was really helpful for me to analyze my current level of game and to really think about my sticking points. It also showed that he takes a lot of time before the call to be prepared and answer my specific questions so we don’t waste the time.

Call started with general chitchat about our lives and then we got into the game topics. He analyzed my sticking points and what mistakes I have been making very quickly for which he gave very specific examples on how to overcome the challenges and fix those issues. I learn from specific examples instead of general theory (hence I preach Uncle Tom Torero’s materials). The two most important things I learned from the call was eye opening to me was to develop my pre-approach filter and how to pull a girl back from the date venue using simple methods instead of using various gimmicks. The next day he emailed me the summary of our call detailing everything we talked about so that I can go back read his suggestions anytime I wanted to brush up on my skills. I would definitely recommend Tom’s coaching services to get advanced in game.

If you’re interested in a coaching call yourself then go to my coaching page (link here). I also offer infield coaching in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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