Coaching Review by Sherston (40yo Gent)

I had the pleasure of coaching Sherston a couple of months back. Please enjoy what is probably the most articulate coaching review this website will ever host!


I only truly realised how much thought Tom gives all this when he talked about the fruit. Which item of green-grocery, when munched on by the strolling day gamer, attracts the most IOIs; draws out that extra milligramme of signal from the passing girls? It is, he explained, the apple. But it has to the right sort. Green and crunchy. The sound of the bite has to carry across the pavement.

We were walking through Covent Garden at the time, and in the middle of my coaching session. I was about 500 sets into my day game adventure, I guess I’d consider myself a lower intermediate after five lays. However, after a bizarre Secret Society notch I would have considered in the realm of science fiction a few years ago, I realised I needed help in working out how far I could take this. How to accept it as part of my identity. So I looked into getting my first coaching.

Tom proved just the man. He’s a great teacher; good company and deftly combines action and reflection. He’s a London Daygame thoroughbred, keeping alive and evolving the Krauser-Torero tradition.

We eased into the session. I think it’s an endorsement of Tom’s ability to put his students at ease that I got a number from a teenage Brazilian model on the first warm-up approach. Soon we miced up. I was slightly anxious about this, but I soon forgot the little Bluetooth device was there.

The stand out teaching point of the day was Tom’s encouragement for me to filter my approaches more rigorously. I’d been generally following the beginners’ advice of just-get-the-sets-in-with-any-girl-you-like-the-look-of. Tom carefully explained that I should give some thought to what demographic and style of girl is likely to hook on what I’m offering. As a more, ahem, mature day gamer, with a fairly clean-cut style, he suggested that I might have limited appeal to many urban or blatantly ‘alternative’ vibe girls; and to selection those more classically fashioned vibe. Within minutes, Tom had me putting this into action. A slutty and slightly ratty looking student opened well but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it. In contrast, immediately afterwards, a beaming, trouser-suited young Lithuanian rolled into one of those near perfect feeling sets. Lesson learnt.

If you see day game a highly positive, playful process of self discovery, hire Tom for a few hours. But be warned: he had a worrying tendency to order not pints but kegs in the pub.



If you’re interested in coaching then please send me a message on my coaching page (link here).

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