Giving the Girl Opportunities to Reject Me

I’ve been quite busy recently – and been on a non-Game related holiday – so I haven’t had time for any instructional posts. This one is a quick one on what’s going on in my Daygame right now.

One thing I’ve been trying recently is to give the girl more opportunities to reject me. I have complete faith in my Game, that it’s on autopilot, and that I give off the correct microbehaviours and a lot of this has boiled down to not trying to impress her anymore i.e. knowing I am attractive as I am. My thinking is that if the changes I listed below are enough to make a girl uninterested then she’s not going to be interested enough to go through the whole process anyway, or that it would be such a stressful maths-exam style experience so as not to be worth it. In other words, I’m filtering harder; letting my vibe take over on the day and seeing whether the girl is into it and in what way.

The flipside is that it takes more “bricks out of my invisible rucksack,” if I use the metaphor from Daygame Infinite, and so that feeling of being comfortable in the situation should be attractive, and means I’m qualifying to the girl less (expending mental energy to come up with something clever to say, for example, is qualifying). Again, this is possible because I have (or am at least heading towards) the correct identity and so my microbehaviours are coming from the right place.

These changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Side stopping unless she’s moving very, very fast where I will need to physically get in her way. I still have all the parts needed for a stop anyway such as strong eye contact, conviction and stopping gestures. Height obviously means being physically imposing and so more people are more likely to stop and listen to you regardless.
  • Not searching for the right thing to say. This is a big one because it’s easy to get wrapped up in searching for something clever or witty to say. These days I’m doing lots more kino in-set – that paired with proximity and eye contact convey all the intent you’d ever need – and letting the conversation go wherever it does. If she happens to be quite articulate as well then that’s great, but I’m not pressuring myself on the matter.
  • Allowing lulls in the conversation. This is related to point (2) but specifically I’m giving her opportunities to choose whether to stick around and talk or to politely excuse herself.
  • Taking her number and using WhatsApp/Telegram/SMS even if she doesn’t use it much. If she can’t take the second to open that app or doesn’t consider me well enough to check for my message then there’s no point wasting time messaging and/or on dates to nowhere.
  • Sending more statements over messaging. By this I mean in the context of driving towards a date request. Some girls need prompting to respond with an explicit question mark, and others need to be corralled forward. If you use less outright questions and more statements there’s a chance they won’t respond and will fall off the hook .

The ironic thing is that these could help me because I show I’m willing to lose her, but I can do that because I have the identity in place. Try and do this as a beginner and subtle cues in your body language and tone will give you away. Even via texting: I reckon that girls can sense your vibe. My guess is that small changes in what and when you send, even down to a few words, can make a big difference.

I would recommend beginners do mostly the opposite of what I’ve described above:

  • Always get in front of her while stopping
  • Always have something to say in-set such as back-up stacks, conversation topics and spikes
  • Don’t push for the number too hard if her go-to is social media
  • Drive towards the date request using questions

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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4 thoughts on “Giving the Girl Opportunities to Reject Me

  1. Great post as always Mr Crown. Chuckled a little at the height mention…have a mate who is also 6ft8, and I’m sure it’s helped him keep his street fundraising job for close to a decade. There’s something to be said about being more physically imposing than the other person, especially in cold approach. Pack on meat on your frame and I reckon you’ll rethink 6′ to 6’3 being optimal, wouldn’t you agree?
    I may be wrong


      1. Jheez didn’t know you were 6″8! What do you make of this BlackPill obssession with height Mr Crown, from your experience and from other tall dudes like yourself? Scroll through comments on BlackPill videos and these guys seem to accept inceldom belown 6″4. Crazy content out there. I’m 6″2 so I’ve never really thought about it till recently


      2. It’s a long winded topic but for Daygame (at least) your looks form the foundation of the quality you can get and then you can layer more value on top of that with Game, plus it allows you to get more lays because of knowing how to interact with women successfully (a basic example would be that you can get laid more with the same quality of girl because you know how to react to shit tests).

        IIRC black pill finds facial attraction the most important though I think they are online focused. Height is maybe more important for Daygame because it makes stopping way easier and so gives you more potential shots on goal.

        Anyway, very long winded…


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