Daygame Serotonin

Ooohwee! We’re back on the hormones again and this one’s a gooden: serotonin. Yesterday I covered dopamine and you can check out this podcast to learn about oxytocin. Read Habits of a Happy Brain by Loretta Breuning for a bigger and better breakdown, but I’ll go through the Game applications of serotonin I can think of today. Remember the four happy hormones are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. The antagonist is cortisol (stress). In all cases, cortisol is permanently present and builds, providing the stick as encouragement to act. Stimulating the release of one of these hormones provides a happy feeling to counter it. Over time, we need bigger and better stimulations to create the previous high we got from happy hormone release.

Let’s start with a summary. Serotonin is released by your body when you feel superior or socially dominant; you could almost describe it as the “alpha hormone” (copyright Crown 2017). In that way, it makes more sense in Nightgame or Social Circle Game where you feel that you are dominating a group of people. However, it is still prominent in Daygame.

Here’s a negative example: value tapping your wing makes you appear and feel more dominant. This causes you to release serotonin and feel happy, improving your vibe.

I remember reading in Tom Torero’s book Daygame that he always did better in demo sets when students were there egging him on. I believe that this would be serotonin at work. Imagine that you went into set and there were people behind you chanting your name…

Another  positive example of serotonin might be the feeling of superiority you get from blogging or writing a lay report. The evolutionary premise seems simple: achieve something -> feel good and brag -> good feeling incentivises more achievement and more bragging. It’s encouraging you to let others know what a great mate prospect you are.

On the street, you’ll feel superior from knowing that you have onlookers, and how they couldn’t do the same thing. Watch any infield and you notice how people will slow down and glance curiously over at your conversation. On dates, you can see other men checking out your date, especially since most people have their first venue in a pub or casual setting.

You can get a feeling of superiority simply by knowing Game, and knowing that others don’t know!

From personal experience, I would associate a serotonin high with a belief that I could do no wrong. We’ve all had those days before where you felt supremely confident. That everything you attempted would end in success. During Daygame, it’s the feeling of certainty before you go into a set that you’re going to leave with the number. Once I’ve written the post describing the effect of endorphins in Daygame, I’m going to break down good vibe into how hormones shape each type of “state”.

The interesting fact about serotonin is that the vast majority of it is made in your gut, which makes sense, considering the alpha males within the tribe got first pick on scarce food resources. Therefore, one way to stimulate your vibe before Daygaming is eating a meal of clean carbs, some animal protein, and healthy fats (although don’t eat too much because it makes you sleepy due to insulin’s effect on blood amino acid and tryptophan concentrations).

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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