Daygame Endorphins (and Beginner’s State)

This is part three of my Daygame hormones mini-series. I wrote this series because a) I love trying to find the “why” behind the what, and b) this stuff allows you to psychologically separate yourself from what you experience, thus allowing greater mental control. Check out the old posts for serotonin and dopamine and the MP podcast for oxytocin; this article is going to cover the last of the four: endorphins.

The interesting thing about endorphins are that they’re not an independent hormonal reaction to events in your life, but instead the side effect of pain. You have to feel pain in order to get an endorphin release, hence why you hear about them the most in relation to exercising. When you feel pain, your body releases endorphins to make you temporarily euphoric, allowing you to escape danger. That should tell you where you’re going to feel the effect of endorphins in Daygame: simply from the walking. The sheer act of hitting the streets is going to give you a boost of happiness, as well as all the other positive side effects from exercising.

I also think that the breaking of social norms required to hit on girls in the street will lead to an endorphin release. Of course, over time you feel less “pain” from breaking social norms and this induced euphoria recedes. I believe that this is what contributes to the “beginner’s state”, where they bounce from set to set with poor skill but make up for it with unbridled enthusiasm.

I think this happens to all beginners at some stage and that you don’t want to get a more experienced wing until you’ve experienced this, for their sake. I’ve done it before and had it done to me (not on purpose), where your euphoric frame completely dominates your wing making them feel inadequate. As the beginner talks more and more, the experienced wing’s vibe goes down and down since he feels that he can’t break the beginner out of his sunshine and rainbows mood, no matter how overly optimistic they seem. The experienced wing falls into the trap of being silent and allowing the beginner to lead him all over the place. If the beginner is getting numbers as well, this compounds the experienced wing’s poor mood.

Shouldn’t you just be happy for the beginner? From a Daygame coach’s point of view, it’s a positive thing which improves the student’s opinion of the session regardless of the results. For a regular wing, I don’t think so. As self-interested individuals we’re not going to sacrifice our results for the possibility of a new wing; one who we’ll have to nurture (for free). Unless that is, you know them already, enjoy teaching others, or enjoy a sycophantic relationship.

The beginner should get over the “beginner’s state” stage first, either alone or with a wing, alone being the better choice to encourage self-reliance and self-starting. At that point, bring in a more experienced wing to help improve your technique and introduce you to deeper red pill topics.

To finish, also consider the effect of landing in a new city. That’s a whole new culture’s social norms to break, which would encourage the belief that pussy paradise had been found since the euphoria would contribute to a good vibe and better results.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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