Daygame Dopamine Revisited (The Molecule of More)

A few years ago I wrote a series of posts about happiness hormones and how they affect Daygame. That was all based on an interesting book I read: Habits of a Happy Brain by Loretta Breuning. Recently a friend recommended another, similar book, to me: The Molecule of More by Daniel Lieberman and Michael Long. … Continue reading Daygame Dopamine Revisited (The Molecule of More)

High Energy and Low Energy Daygame

Over the first half of 2018 it has been made apparent to me that there are two ways to practice Daygame: high energy (HE) and low energy (lE) (blog posts inspiring this one: here and here). Both have different aims, structure, levels of enjoyment, and even physiological experience. So as the British heatwave rumbles on … Continue reading High Energy and Low Energy Daygame

22/30: #46: Great Power/Great Responsibility

Last night I went with my friends to a local restaurant turned club and pulled a girl back to mine. There’s not much to say here apart from that I met her in the smoking area, escalated like it was a date, made nice with her friend, then walked her home. You can see my … Continue reading 22/30: #46: Great Power/Great Responsibility

Daygame Endorphins (and Beginner’s State)

This is part three of my Daygame hormones mini-series. I wrote this series because a) I love trying to find the “why” behind the what, and b) this stuff allows you to psychologically separate yourself from what you experience, thus allowing greater mental control. Check out the old posts for serotonin and dopamine and the … Continue reading Daygame Endorphins (and Beginner’s State)