English Girls, the r/K Wilderness, Zen Daygame, and DNA Tug

“When I’m in London I feel like… a pretty girl”, Lina said to me a couple of weeks ago as we sat outside Carluccio’s in Covent Garden. It was as if she was afraid to say it, but felt as if she had to. To her, it was a dirty truth. She continued:

“I look at the English girls and I can’t see a single good looking one. Look at her”, she pointed to a fat women wearing a dress which exposed way too much cellulite. I had to look away to maintain my appetite.

“Everywhere I look women are not pretty. And even if they are pretty they all dress like sluts. And even if they don’t dress like sluts they have horrible walks.”

I chortled along; what she was saying wasn’t a surprise. “Well, show me a nice walk then.”

She promptly got up and strode an imaginary four metre catwalk in front of me. First she showed me her English girl walk, which was more like a stomp, and then her own, softer, more floaty walk.

“That was very nice, thank you”, I complimented her as she sat back down. I pulled her in and kissed her, then smiled warmly.

I don’t think that English girls are genetically inferior. It appears to me, though, that most of them eat too much and of the wrong thing, and are subsequently overweight. The prevailing fashion is very masculine as well; whenever I see a girl wearing boots and trousers which are baggy and go straight down as tubes, I take that as an IOD. This isn’t news to Daygamers. It isn’t news to girls either. Every other country’s girls looks down on English women, and I even stopped an English girl a week ago and was surprised when she said she wasn’t English. I told her that, and she was pleasantly surprised herself.

They are also brought up to be more like men, which in practical terms, means that they are raised to have the same low agreeableness that men show on average. Lina’s stomp was a metaphor of this low agreeableness; it’s as if she was attacking the pavement. At a higher level, we would call high agreeableness femininity, and low agreeableness masculinity (amongst other things).

English girls just don’t seem to fit into my approach categories. DNA tug doesn’t makes sense as I am English as well. Unicorns are rare for every nationality, by definition. And when I see an English girl who looks or “feels” particularly slutty it doesn’t set off my spidey sense because I think those sort of girls reserve their r-selected lays for nightclubs, and see any kind of a date as K.

Then again, there are a large number of English women I find attractive and want to fuck (NAEWALT). In fact, here’s the breakdown of country of birth for my Daygame lays so far:







Northern Ireland






















Way up there, with more than double the number of second place, is England. Why is that? I think the main reason lies in their preponderance; there are a lot of them around, of course. So when I was in my apprenticeship and desperate to hit 10 sets for every session, I was bound to use some as set fodder. Some of those girls really liked me and they turned into lays.

But here’s an interesting fact: I haven’t fucked a novel English girl since September last year, and four of those seven English lays came in my first seven Daygame lays. I think that as Daygamers we learn from a very narrow set of sources, there are very few authoritative sources out there. So we mimic a small set of behaviours to the degree in which our personality allows us to. These are behaviour sets which have been honed to pick up FSU girls, and I think that that behaviour set doesn’t work as well on English girls.

I can already hear people getting worked up about this, so here’s the disclaimer: I know that adopting that behaviour set is beneficial overall. As I stated earlier, on average, English girls are not as good looking. Therefore, it makes sense to learn the behaviours which succeed with a population which is better looking. This is indicated by the change in demographic as my Daygame career has continued.

So I’m brought to the r/K wilderness. I think that when I was in my apprenticeship I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed, and girls saw this. They saw it as an earnest enthusiasm for what I was doing. They liked the authenticity and were attracted to my happy vibe. Then the initial excitement wore off and instead I was attracting girls primarily on my (changing) behaviours and identity. Now when I approach a girl and she turns out to be English, I’m not surprised when I get a bad reaction. Something along the vibe of “how dare you try and pick me up.”

Having entered the wilderness (I think), I’ve had to drastically reduce the number of sets I’m doing and have been forced to adopt the Zen Daygame approach. I’ve got such a good idea now of how the set is going to go before I’ve even done it. Because of this, I’ll do maybe one or two sets an hour. For example, yesterday I was out for about four hours, and did three sets. One was an impossibly leggy unicorn, one was a tattooed spidey sense/DNA tug Italian girl, and one was a pure spidey sense… English girl! Unfortunately, she was older than I thought (large sunglasses).

There’s no point in approaching unless she fits into those three categories because otherwise it ruins the vibe. I end up somewhere in between crack pipe and Zen Daygame (as Krauser put it), and I regret doing the sets which I did without a strong reason. I got blown out by the unicorn, but I still felt good for going for it. If I get blown out by a girl is “merely attractive”, then I’ll think to myself why did I even do that?

I started off this Saturday morning post thinking that I would only write about English girls. Then I made a sick pivot table and it got my juices flowing. The last thing I want to touch on is DNA tug. From my own experiences I seem to do the best with girls from the Iron Curtain countries. When I find out that a girl is from those countries I give myself a mental high-five, and there’s definitely some endogeneity of results in there too (my self-belief affects my behaviours which leads to success).

The interesting thing is that a lot of guys enter Game and say to themselves “oh yeh I think girls from X are the fittest.” That might be true in an objective way for everyone (for example, facial symmetry), but I think that our personal DNA tug turns out to be more important. A guy might say that Russian girls are the most attractive, but then a guy from Russia might think that Brazilian girls are the most attractive.

This is why collating our personal data is so important to working out our niche. It’s good to bear in mind that the girls you feel DNA tug to, feel a similar attraction towards you. Your genetics are the perfect complement to each other. Once you’ve worked out who you do the best with, then you can start pursuing them harder. You can learn about their countries. You can always have something to say. And they’ll appreciate that you’ve taken an interest, which will lead to more successes.

That’s everything I have to say on this topic for now; it was a bit of a splurge. I don’t think it got anywhere in particular but sometimes it’s good to just think things over in words.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

12 thoughts on “English Girls, the r/K Wilderness, Zen Daygame, and DNA Tug

  1. It’s interesting that so many guys (not all, but a noticeable proportion) involved with this scene get much better results with foreign girls. I count myself amongst them.

    I used to think it was down to them having a smaller social circle and being more open to meeting new people. But I’m meeting women in their mid 20s that have been here for 5+ years so they have plenty of things going on in their life. Are local women more insular because they have more options or are is it their culture and upbringing?

    Whether it’s weakness in our game or we’re just optimising towards a niche I don’t know.

    I’m also a big believer in following your DNA tug. It’s another way to help optimise your time, focus and energy.

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    1. I think we’re optimising towards a niche of foreign girls because they’re more likely to pursue r-selected sex (search for my post on “girls from X are the hardest). With foreign girls you can have the complementary DNA which has a much lower likelihood with girls from your own country (true no matter your country of origin).

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    2. >> It’s interesting that so many guys (not all, but a noticeable proportion) involved with this scene get much better results with foreign girls. I count myself amongst them.

      Status trumps everything, including looks. Hence Krauser, Tom, and other London daygamers going on “Euro-jaunts”. Surprise, surprise, they get better results in Ukraine, where they’re an exciting foreign man with money and status, than than the UK, where they’re just another bloke.


      1. The reason the results are better in such countries is the average quality is higher and consequently there is more to aim at, not because they leverage status and money. Shininess may help spark initial attraction and draw IOIs but this is far outweighed by the enormous social pressure on these girls NOT to fuck you. The stye of game that Krauser & Co deploy (Heavily R-Selected fast pulls) does not rely on money or social status.

        I know its heresy to say in the game sphere but I see English and Australian girls as a special case, they don’t really get the male-female courtship ritual or place a high value on male dominance (I’ve opened enough of each to say this). American girls don’t suffer from this even though they are afflicted by Western degeneracy in other ways, they still love a dominant alpha slayer to obliterate their bitch shield.


  2. I was in Hertfordshire a couple years ago and saw a bunch of stunningly beautiful English girls almost every day. Is that area known for beautiful girls, or am I just so used to the hellhole of San Francisco that anywhere seems amazing?


  3. “These are behaviour sets which have been honed to pick up FSU girls, and I think that that behaviour set doesn’t work as well on English girls.”
    Socioeconomics is overlooked in game: pickup artists prefer to believe that game trumps all other variables, always. Another elephant in the room in the gaming community is mild autism — or aspergers — amongst the male players.
    Paul Janka once remarked in an interview (I forget where, perhaps it was with Yad or Chris Murhphy) that daygamers struggle with upper class British women. And Yad — perhaps in the same interview, or another, again I forget — once noted that he came from what American’s would call a “lower-middle class” background. He started out somewhat outside of society, given a situation where he had less to lose compared to the more privileged.
    What I am leading up to is look at a guy like Krauser. He has honed his gaming skills with foreign women from poor eastern European countries. He thinks highly of his own intelligence and occasionally reminds the reader that before he chose a life of degeneracy he served a brief stint in investment banking. He certainly is not posh. His accent would never let you confuse him with the privileged set. And his sophomoric obsession with evolutionary biology screams aspergers. This sounds mean, why is this worth mentioning?
    Women from the same culture as you are more familiar with the status markers and “tells” than women from poor foreign countries. This is obvious but dismissed within the gaming community. People from your own culture are quicker to suss out if you’re weird: they are more familiar with the signals. And as you climb the socioeconomic ladder there are more refined status markers – there are more games within the game. It’s easier to play against a foreign opponent, they don’t know the symbols.


  4. Hmm. I have done about 130 sets so dar (started a month ago). Lately I’ve approached 10/day for about 7 days, and it’s not going well. This Zen Daygame idea makes sense… when I was sick an did 3/week, two of the were really good.


    1. You’re probably just overworking your adrenal glands and need a few days off. Without knowing much about you, all I can say is that at 130 sets you should stick to the 10 sets rule because at the moment your aim is reduce AA and be calm in set.


      1. Matches my assessment! I took this weekend off and will stick to 3*10 or 4*10 for a couple of weeks… then summer vacation and daygame trip 🙂 Thanks for the input.

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