Warsaw Review

I got back from Warsaw yesterday with some stories to tell. Here’s my review of the city: Statistics Ahh statistics, it’s always good to start here, mostly because it’s the kind of juicy information everyone is really interested in; there’s nothing more engaging to a Daygamer than comparing their ratios to see who is the … Continue reading Warsaw Review

How to Keep Daygame Statistics

In this post we’re going to have a look at an effective way to keep Daygame statistics and when and how to step away from them. When I started Daygame I immediately started recording my stats. I’d come home from my session, open my laptop and add the sets to my spreadsheet. In fact, since … Continue reading How to Keep Daygame Statistics

What Motivates Us? (Part Two) – The Issue of the Return to Nomalcy

This topic circled my head again today and leads on from part one (found here). I asked myself what motivated me, and I think I went very close to the crux of the matter: the coping mechanisms we develop as children carry out into adult life for better or for worse. Sometimes these coping mechanisms … Continue reading What Motivates Us? (Part Two) – The Issue of the Return to Nomalcy

2018 Statistics

As I stated so wisely in my 2016/17 statistics: “competition exists only with yourself.” Let’s see how I fared: 2018 Overview 815 approaches 221 numbers 37 dates 14 lays (plus another Daygame lay but the approach was done in 2017, so it doesn’t count for the ratios) Ratios 3.7 approaches to each number close 22 … Continue reading 2018 Statistics

A Collection of Near-Misses

I’m looking at my statistics for this year and at the data I collected from my dates: 37 dates, 24 kisses, 18 bouncebacks and 14 lays. I can remember each girl from the last two categories and today I’ll be looking at what went wrong with those four girls who came back to my place, … Continue reading A Collection of Near-Misses