#49: Nothing Beats a Slap to the Face

Nothing beats the sound of the sharp crack of palm on cheek, and the subsequent gasp of pleasure.

“Yes, harder,” Kiah said. I duly obliged.

“You’re a dirty little bitch,” I continued, pushing her neck down into the bed.

“Oh my God yes!” She moaned.

“You’re Daddy’s little slut.”

“I’m Daddy’s little slut,” she confirmed.

There was nothing special about Kiah apart from her dirtiness and pierced nipples; quite plain looking except for her dark, exotic eyes. 22 years old. I’d opened her three days previously by commenting her on her exotic look. My exact words had been:

“Excuse me, I just wanted to say you looked quite nice. Quite exotic. Very spicy.” That had drawn a laugh.

Throwing her around as such made me cum quickly and I lay down on the bed, covered in sweat. She did the same and we kept a polite distance so as not to slip around on each other.

I did the post-sex interview and gathered my facts (she’d had nine previous partners – I wonder how long it’s been nine?; she decided she wanted to fuck me when I invited her to mine for a last drink; and knew I had wanted to fuck her when I grabbed her chair and pulled it closer to me during our date). I got her Instagram and had a flick through, she seemed a right dirty birdy.

We rested for a few more moments before I put her hand on my dick and then put my hand on her head and gently pushed it downwards. She happily went about sucking my cock, licking it up and down each side, before taking my balls, one by one, and sucking them up into her mouth, then toying around with them with her tongue.

That was nice, but I wanted to get back to fucking her so threw her on her back and stuck my dick back into her greedy little cunt. She loved it, of course. She’d also said how she really wanted to try anal but had never done it properly before. I was happy to help out, and began to prepare her by sticking my thumb into her ass. On cue she moaned harder. I took my dick out of her pussy and started to push it into her clean little arsehole, but she only let me get halfway in:

“I’m not ready. Not today.”

I shrugged, pulled my dick out of her arse, then stuck it straight back into her pussy. If she gets an infection then she should have just let me continue fucking her in the arse. Not my problem.

“I’ve got a drawer full of toys at home,” she told me as we cleaned up.

“Okay well next time bring something,” I told her. This was going to be fun. I wondered who of us would break first.


I was out with S the previous Thursday and was telling him the story of my i-date from the previous day. We were up on Tottenham Court Road just after Goodge Street station. It was about 8:30pm and the night was just setting in. His head was turned by a possible set and he began to umm and ahh so I sent him off to do it.

I stood there like a bit of chump with my hands in my pockets, wondering whether to sit and watch or just pace up and down. Luckily I saw Kiah coming towards me from a connecting street. She was nothing special, but looked like she could be an interesting flag, so I went up towards her and waved my arms to get her attention.

“Excuse me…”

She laughed at my opener and it was immediately on, in a very sexual way. She was smoking a cigarette as we flirted and kept on flashing me looks with those dark eyes.

“So where are you from then? You don’t look English.”

“I’m from Zambia,” she was mixed race though she had appeared middle eastern to me initially. It eventually turned out that just her mum was from Zambia and that she had been born in England, so I didn’t get a new flag. Bitch. Also, she wasn’t even Muslim, so it wasn’t banter either. Whore.

I closed her and offered my hand.


“Kiah.” She put out her hand with the palm facing the floor, so I took it like a medieval courtier.

“That’s a very feminine handshake,” I said as I gave her deep eye contact. She purred in response. I continued:

“I used to be Thomas but now I’m Tom. I’m only Thomas when I go home and I feel as if I’ve done something naughty.”

I sent her on her way and met back up with S. Kiah texted me first:


“I feel as if I’ve done something bad ;)”

As you might have guessed, it was very simple to get her out on the date. The date itself was a simple affair as well: two drinks in the same venue, two minutes walk from my place. One upstairs on their roof terrace and the second downstairs in a dark corner on two stools. I kissed her early into the second drink and could see that she was in the kill zone; it was easy to tell:

“Do you like that when I grab your hair?” As we had kissed the second time I’d taken a little bunch into my hand and pulled firmly.

“Mmmm, yes,” she responded.

From there I dirty talked her and got her to open up about what she enjoyed during sex: what positions she liked, whether she liked rough sex, what her craziest sexual experience was, etc.

We finished our drinks and it was time to bounce home. It was so on.

“What else do you like to drink? White wine?”


“Okay well I have half a bottle of white wine at my place. Let’s go finish it.”

“Hmmmm,” token LMR, “there’s something you should know first.”

“Let’s have the wine first then you tell me.” Maybe she’s on her period? I thought. She wasn’t.

I walked her to mine, put some music on and poured a couple of drinks. The first time I kissed her she pulled away after a couple of seconds. We went back to looking at my bookshelf and then kissed again after another minute. She was starting to heat up and I was grabbing her arse and tits. She pulled away and went for the customary pre-sex bathroom psyche up. When she came back I escalated straight to sex with no issues.


Kiah was my 30th Daygame lay, and in seemingly record time as well. Or so I thought. I started Daygame less than two years ago. Go me.

But I think it’s a good opportunity to emphasise the point that the lays don’t make you happy. They bring pleasure, that’s universally agreed on, but not happiness. It’s only a few, select girls who will make you happy after sex. I think life is about getting as much as you can of the two. Kiah was a pure “pleasure-play”. I felt no sense of triumph in fucking her. I guess it went just as I expected.

In no way am I saying that this was a disappointing experience. I can assure you that I wanted it. I also want to state that it has been in no way “soul sucking”. This is more of a cautionary message, I suppose, to someone who thinks that Daygame is going to put them permanently on Cloud Nine.

Nonetheless: I’m awesome. Go me.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

5 thoughts on “#49: Nothing Beats a Slap to the Face

  1. Might be a quality issue.
    If she ” was nothing special ” why approach in the first place?
    A guy banging 5s and 6s will eventually get tired or start to think “is this it”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is answered in my post on Dynamic Quality. I’m doing more sets (introducing more mutation) and this is one of the side effects: opening plain Janes. Is this exasperating/degrading/depressing? Not yet.


  2. Important point that I had to learn: It will not make you happy. Yes, a few hours of joy, but not lasting happiness. That‘s why I say to guys: Do daygame as part of other cool activities. Don‘t go to a city just for daygame.


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