#61: Was It All Worth It?

It was 11:30pm and we were walking down the main shopping street of Prague on a cool evening (T). It was my first ever Eurojaunt and while the city itself had proven a nice place I was, so far, empty-handed when it came to Daygame. 11 days of random approaches and a 60 approach number farm (T) to begin with had given me a timewaster, a slutty-but-failed bounceback and many handfuls of false positives.

I just wasn’t getting anywhere with the local girls or the healthy smattering of Russians and Ukrainians. It was like the whole Daygame process had become a black box again (T). It reminded me of my beginner days when I was just throwing shit at the wall and wondering what would stick, except this time I didn’t have the energy and wonderment that goes behind a budding Daygamer’s first approaches.

I felt that the jaunt wasn’t going to be complete without a lay and so I turned to some encouragement from a London wing: Mr. S. Mentally I’ve given him a special dispensation for being right even though what he says sometimes veers into platitudes (T). I listen to what he says, nod, and then tell him he’s right, before going off with more motivation. And so I’d gone out with more vigour on my second last day of the trip knowing I needed to get sexual a lot quicker, going for long hand-holds on the street and trying to get some mutuality out of the girl straight away (T).

Mr. A and I had just finished dinner up by Narodni Museum and after saying goodbye to our companions we set off in search of the odd set or two. The quiet city ate us up and a slight breeze worked its way over the cobbled streets. Mr. A went off to use the toilet in McDonald’s and as we walked past one of the benches dotted along Na Prikope I saw a splodge of red, a girl sitting alone easily visible against the darkness (T). I gave Mr. A a heads-up and told him I’d catch up with him before going in (T).

Alina was a cute Russian girl with long mousey-blonde hair, a short red jacket on top of what looked like dungarees and a devilish little face; a seven I’d say. I could see that she had headphones in so I waved my arm around in front of her to get her attention and asked if she spoke a little English (T).

“I speak a lot of English,” she replied, looking up with defiant eyes (T).

“Okay well I saw you and thought you looked like a cute strawberry.”

“Well let me ask you this: have you ever seen a strawberry hanging from a tree?” she countered.

We talked for a minute with me leaning back and my chin cockily pressed out before I encouraged her to stand up and introduce herself (T). I took her hand and held it there while we gave each other long, sustained eye contact. I stroked her hand a little with my thumb and I could feel her returning the gesture, ever so slightly, with her pinky; it was very on. I got a semi immediately (T) and after another couple of minutes of get-to-know-you conversation I suggested we go for a walk and a quick drink with me saying I was meeting my friends in 20 minutes.

Alina and I walked along the eerily quiet street towards Mustek and then turned right into the Old Town. First I tried a restaurant behind the metro station where we could have a cheap beer: closed. Then we tried Cafe-Cafe: closed. I knew another restaurant which was open late and so walked her over to there (T), all the while keeping chatter up about where she was from and how the expectations of girls is different in Russia (T). In reality, we were walking closer and closer to my apartment.

But then once we got into the restaurant: more problems! I don’t know why exactly but Czech guys seem to have the faces of gammas, like they just can’t wait to cockblock you. We tried to take a couple of seats in a secluded area but the waiter asked us to move; apparently they were waiting for a party of 10 to arrive.. at midnight! So we took two seats in the main area and ordered two dark beers (T). The waiter promptly brought us two light beers and so I corrected him and sent him off to get the dark beers (T). I saw Alina smile at that.

We continued talking a bit about each other and I pried into what she found attractive in men. Oddly enough she told me that half her family was ginger and that was what she liked about me. While we were talking I beckoned her to sit closer and she edged over each time, that was until I literally grabbed the leg of her chair and pulled her over (T). We were touching hands again nearly instantly and it was a cinch to pull her in for an instant make-out (T). At that point I knew my job was to heat her up but not too much and so I ran the Questions Game but eased off once I didn’t have any more good questions (T). We finished our beers, I quickly laid cash on the table, and we left (T).

Since we’d moved closer to mine it was about two minutes walk to my apartment, but there was still one more obstacle. To get to my AirBNB you had to open these big gates and then walk down a dark passage. As I opened the gates and locked them behind us she was perplexed but luckily didn’t run away.

Once we were upstairs it was dead simple: I used the bathroom, cracked open a beer and poured two glasses, came back and put some music on my laptop. While I was doing the latter she sidled over me and started kissing and then straddling me. It was a done deal. +1: nice arse but small tits.

In the PSI I learned:

  • I was her fifth
  • She knew I wanted to fuck her when I pulled her chair over
  • She hadn’t fucked a guy she met on the street before
  • She had no previous boyfriends, just “affairs like this”
  • She didn’t know when she decided she wanted to fuck

And then from some texting following the lay I learned (T):

  • It was the quickest she’d ever had sex
  • She sometimes considers herself a nymphomaniac
  • She got wet in the restaurant when I put my hand in her hair and whispered to her
  • She was “curious about [me]” when I did the long hand hold

And that was it. Jaunt mission accomplished. So was it all worth it? Yes it was a worthwhile experience. It was worth it.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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