#64: Long Live the Car Crash Hearts (Analysis)

The Time of Day: it turns out the pussy paradise isn’t a place, it’s a time… man. Jokes aside it’s worth thinking about. I think 11am to 1pm has a higher ROI for me than, say, 2pm to 4pm. Someone more extroverted than me would say that 11pm to 1am has a higher ROI because they push for SDLs. I’m also a morning person so my timing works for me. But what about during the week? The afternoon on weekdays is great because there are lots of students milling about going to and from lectures or doing their chores. You can choose to time yourself to coincide with or miss the lunch time rush. It pays to extend this train of thought to where you like to Daygame. For example Covent Garden clears out by 7:30pm so I like to head their first before going to Oxford Street, if it’s a weekday.

Sensing IOIs: this is an obvious case of my Daygame spidey sense going off. Like I said, I only marginally saw her looking at me. What I did experience was a sense of purpose and a strong desire to go and open. Though it was my first set I didn’t feel any approach anxiety. In fact, it being my first set made me more confident to go in because I could always blame any bad performance on ‘first one’s the worst one’. It turned out later (she told me) that she had given me a big IOI and had sized me up immediately. Trust your gut instinct!

Ginger Hair / Optimal Filtering: of course as a kid whatever makes you different is the thing that people pick on. As I’ve grown older I’ve realised that my hair is one of my strongest characteristics. It makes me stand out immediately and helps to filter girls too because there’ll be some girls out there who hate it and some who love it. This point is specific to me but let’s build it out: filtering is your friend up to a point. The better looking you are the more you need to filter because more girls are interested in you straight off the bat. Given your ping range, you’ll want to filter down so that you have the optimal mix of hotness and speed of lay. At that point by filtering by another percentage point you’ll reach sub-optimal results. Now I can hardly turn my hair ‘off’ and so I have to filter down that avenue. It means I end up with girls who either like my hair specifically or enjoy the fact that it’s different to everyone else. What have I done to emphasise that quality? I’ve grown my hair a little longer and I have a beard. Another example would be the typical Daygame biker / rocker look. You could filter harder by adding more jewelry or more aggressive prints.

The Archetypal Narcissistic American: by Jehovah these girls like to rattle on! My plan is to let them. If they touch on topics that are completely antithetical to seduction then I’ll wean them off the subject, normally by picking up on one part of something they said and then leading the conversation away. For example, Kim was prattling on about museums being full of ‘stolen goods’ and that the signs didn’t explain that, so I told her about a Viking exhibition I had been to at the British Museum and how they had all the armour and weapons and a longboat there and how I liked the story the curators had put together to take you through the exhibits.

False Choices Bollocks / Date Requests: don’t think to yourself I’m so smart because I said to her ‘let’s do Monday, do you prefer beer or wine?’ because your Game is not good enough for it to matter. It’s quite clear from the fact that you think you’re actually tricking her into coming on the date with you. If you’re going to try and weasel your way into a date like that then the only girls who are pushed over the edge because of it (the weak maybes) are out of your reach anyway. The rest of the girls, if you ask them out like a normal person, will simply say yes or no and you’ll save yourself from looking like a twat because she knows what you’re doing. In this case I simply said “so how about we meet for a drink on Monday?” Given that in this case Kim was leaving the country in a matter of days the decision to fuck me would have probably already have had to have been made by her (which it had). Linking this in to the point on filtering, this is another kind of filter. I didn’t engage in some flirty, banterous texting because I needed to get her committed to a date and fast. If the girl lives in London or will be in London for a considerable amount of time, I would never do this.

Drink Her Drink: there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and quite often a girl will order a pint when she really should have only had a half. You don’t want to get bogged down with her finishing her drink so help yourself to it; you (probably) paid, after all. Remember that the drink is just some plausible deniability for her to be there talking to you and if she wants to drink it to quiet her own nerves or give herself some deniability (‘I was drinking and it just happened!’) then she’ll do just that. You’ll notice the moment to go for it yourself because her rate of drinking will slow right down. In a way it’s a test because she knows she’s drawing down the seduction momentum and so it’s up to you to speed her up again. To ease myself into it I’ll usually say “let me try this” and reach over for some of it. If you’re getting towards the end of the date and she’s getting hot and horny it’s a good dominance move too to just down the rest of her drink and say “let’s go.”

Planting the Seed: sometimes you just need to let an idea burrow its way into a girl’s brain; in-sex-ption if you will. She might reject your first kiss attempt or bounce back attempt but that’s fine because now she’s thinking about it, and if she’s amenable to it then that thought will begin to whittle away at her forebrain defences.

Tea: this is what I say these days for bouncebacks. The actual words make very little difference, as long as there is some sort of pretense, and quite often I simply say “one last drink” if the girl is very on. I like tea for a few reasons: it’s low investment; it doesn’t make me seem like I’m trying to get her drunk (which I’m not); it takes me out of my room for a few minutes allowing her to cool down and potter about; it’s quintessentially English; it’s cheap; one box of tea will last many, many bouncebacks; and hell, I might even enjoy a cuppa by myself.

2 thoughts on “#64: Long Live the Car Crash Hearts (Analysis)

  1. Another great post.

    I like the “tea” pretense for a bounce back. The wholesomeness of having tea is a nice little contrast to the covert offer of sex that a bounceback is.

    [Thanks. I don’t think it counts for much but I prefer it! TC]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My dirty SDDL with a Japanese girl was over a cup of tea …

    [Tea is the path to pussy paradise. It’s why all the best Daygamers are British 😉 TC]


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