#68: Necrophilia

It was the day before my SDL in Warsaw and I had just finished a lunchtime filter coffee date near the university; at this point I was still shaking the Daygame tree and nothing fruitful had fallen down. The date had been pleasant enough but I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere, though it had given me a nice vibe boost and had oiled my speaking engine (T). Now I was walking back towards Novy Swiat quite hopeful for that day’s Daygame.

Quite soon I ran into Zosia. She was quite short and had a red theme going on: red lettering on her t-shirt, hair dyed dark red, red shoes, red lipstick. That marked her out as a good candidate for a set (T) and so as we passed each other I gave her strong eye contact and tried to draw the IOI. She looked at me, then forward, and then back. Perfect.

I got in front of her and held my umbrella over the two of us as it started to drizzle. I ran my patter based on her choice of colours and I see that I was brain frying her. She didn’t say much during the set, to be honest, just reacted to my statements and listened as I took that information off to talk a little bit more. I made a point of touching and pointing out everything red about her and took her number after a short set (T). We parted with a lingering handshake (T).

I had quite a stellar day of Daygame: ten approaches and seven numbers, but that can often be a misnomer. Just because you take a load of numbers, they can still be flaky. You might be running the kind of Daygame which is good for numbers but bad for responses and dates. Zosia didn’t respond to my feeler and so I archived her chat (T).

Fast-forward to one day later and I was raging. I took my phone out and pinged all of the leads who I’d had a good set with, even if they hadn’t responded to my feeler, inviting them for a “coffee/drink today or tomorrow.” Zosia got back to me quite quickly which was very interesting. Perhaps she hadn’t responded in the first place because there was no question to my message (T). Girls can be quite retarded like that. Either way, she was busy that evening and so we set up a date for the following evening: my last in town.

I met Zosia the next day in front of TK Maxx on Marszalkowska and I was in a completely different state to 24 hours previously. In the meantime I’d got my SDL and had another date with a separate girl who was very much into me, but wouldn’t come into my flat. My outcome dependence had plummeted as I was reassured that I was indeed hot shit.

I greeted her and noticed that she’d left the top button of her shirt undone so I got a glimpse of her cleavage. She was just a small girl, mind, so it wasn’t like eyeing up a juicy pair of melons. Nonetheless it was a good sign (T).

Zosia followed me down Chmielna to a pub which I had been using all week. They called themselves an “art pub” but all that basically meant was that one of the tables was an upturned bass drum; apart from that it was all standard venue one fare (T): medium lighting, served alcohol, tables where you could sit at right angles. Fortunately the waitress seated us downstairs in an area I didn’t even know existed, which was completely hidden from view.

We got about chatting and I did a comfort building routine which I normally always do: take my phone out and use Google Maps to see where she was from, before going over to London and showing her where I was from, then zooming out to show the distance between the two. The phone is a useful prop to start touching her hands as well and she took that readily.

The conversation was decent and I could tell she was accepting all of my touch. I encouraged her to sit a bit closer and she fully slid along the wooden bench to sit right beside me. Then she gave me the greenest light I’ve ever received:

“So, what is your favourite porn category?”

I choked on my beer and my eyes went wide, before I gathered my composure and forced myself not to say the joke answer.

“Nec-… Hmmm, probably rough. And you?”

“Probably lesbian porn but I’m not sure.”

Naturally from there I proceeded at 100mph. I kissed her five minutes after her question and then went straight into the Questions Game and went as dirty as I could think of. I still kept plausible deniability in mind, though, and didn’t kiss her again in the pub (T), and whenever someone would come near our table I’d let her shift away so they didn’t think we were getting too intimate. In the spirit of plausible deniability we had another drink as well: I figured it would be silly to bounce her to a different bar and lose some of her buying temperature along the way, and I didn’t want to take her to mine after only one drink so as to reduce the chance of raising her ASD.

When we got near the end of our second round (which went quickly in and of itself, she was probably steeling herself for the bounce (T)), Zosia asked me where I was staying and what we were doing next. I suggested a walk and she enthusiastically agreed, before downing the rest of her drink, following me to my front door and coming side with only a “it’s my day” as means of token resistance.

I made two cups of tea and returned to find her sitting on the sofa with her shoes off and an expectant smile. I was surprised that there actually was any LMR at all but fair enough to the girl. It took about 20 minutes to bust to get my +1. Oh and it wasn’t “her day” either.

In the PSI I found out that I was her second, and without me having asked her age beforehand, that she was 19. Whether I’d caught her before her N rose exponentially, it was a perfect example of the r/K crossover: meeting an r-select at heart in a K-selected country.

Pretty soon after that she got dressed and I walked her to the metro station, before retiring to a traditional Polish restaurant to eat some pork knee.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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