Update and Coaching

I thought I would post another short update given that there’s no (current) Daygame to comment on.




I’ve got down to roughly 16% now: a total drop of just over 50 lbs (from 265 down to 213). I’ve decided to push through my initial goal of 15% and go for 12% to hopefully see that chiselled physique I’ve wanted for a long time. I’ve actually increased my calories recently so as to slow the rate of weight loss from 1% per week to 0.5% per week and so it actually feels easier to diet now than it was before. I think I’ll hit that bodyfat % goal at around 200 lbs and from there my aim is to gain no more six lbs in total weight each year for the next two or three years (I’ll be pro-rating that for the remainder of 2021 so that I can set my targets at the beginning of each calendar year).




Given lockdown I don’t see any reasonable Daygame until March or April of this year. I said I’d hibernate until the end of February, though, and so that I know I’m not weaselling, starting in March, I’ll take my daily walks towards the Daygame area and do a set if I see anything particularly juicy.


Apart from that I would like to hit my yearly goal of 12 lays from Daygame before the end of my own Daygame year (July to July) which means eight more Daygame lays. But I know not to set targets like that because you never know what might happen (freak accident, death in the family, awful weather, further lockdown, etc.). Instead I just want to commit to getting back into the saddle once Daygame becomes feasible again and so I have a little plan: my approach to lay ratio is probably around 50:1. You always need to double the amount of input if you are going to try and make something happen: 100 approaches. So that means I’m going to count up to my first 100 approaches once I start Daygaming again. That or 50 hours of Daygame (given my approach ratio of one per half an hour which I was using in the Summer and Autumn of 2020); whichever comes first.




I’ve nearly finished Chapter Nine (of twelve) of my new textbook. I’m hoping it will be available for the start of this year’s Daygame season. I’ve recently (within the last hour) decided that it will be PDF only (sold via Lulu).




Last but least: I’ll be adding a tab to the top of my website for coaching. I currently offer Skype coaching where we can talk about your sticking points, Game topics, go over your infields, etc. (please send me an email if the tab isn’t available yet and you’re interested) and in the future I’ll be offering infield coaching. For the latter, though, I will be treating you, the student, as a kind of guinea pig. So for 2021 the infield coaching will work like Jimmy Jambone’s did (I can’t see a coaching tab on his page anymore, hence “did”): pay what you think it’s worth. I’ll be learning on the job and getting to grips with the market and you’ll be getting some cut price coaching. I won’t be taking on a tonne of students though so it’s first come first served.


Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown


If you want to support the blog then buy my book or book a Skype consultation. It supports the blog and lets me produce more content for you. Win-win.

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