Hibernation Update

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that I’ve decided to hibernate for a few months. In this post I’ll quickly go over why and what I’ve been up to.


Right now my plan is to hibernate until the end of February. That means no Daygame sessions apart from if I happen to be walking around with another Daygamer (and that would just be for the social side of things, mind you). If I happen to get a big IOI while doing so then sure, I’ll go for it, but I won’t be actively looking for sets.

I think this is the best time ever to take a little break, considering the virus. Then you’ve got the poor weather and the decision became an obvious one. Each year I’d still be out doing sessions – halfheartedly – and didn’t give myself the rest I think I needed. Over the past month and in the next two I’ll be able to give my hormones a rest and when I get back into the Game I’m sure that I’ll have a tonne of rekindled enthusiasm.

There’s also the “cab driver phenomena” whereby some go out each day looking to earn the same amount of money. In reality they should be working longer on busier days (because of a higher return per hour) and for a shorter time on quiet days. The same goes for Daygame: concentrate your activity on the most productive times of the year.

I’ll see how this all works out and do a follow-up post in February.


One benefit of not Daygaming right now is that I have all the time in the world to go to the gym. Plus there’s a lot less out there which means I’ll go off my diet. Right now I’ve decided on the schedule that works best for me: three weight lifting sessions a week and two cardio sessions.

In terms of my diet, I’m nearly there. Only five more pounds to lose. I predict, given some Christmas excesses, to be finished by the end of January. Then it’s time to gaintain: eat at maintenance and very slowly add muscle.

Seeing that on the horizon has got me thinking about how my weight has gone up and down in the past few years and about how we mentally frame different challenges. When I gained weight the big goal was to lose it. When I lost it the big goal was to gain a lot of muscle. But then if you come along and say “your next challenge is to pretty much stay where you are and make very slow incremental gains,” it doesn’t sound like enough of a challenge. That’s why I need to keep on reminding myself that staying roughly the same weight is very hard when you’re at the lower end of your bodyfat % set point. By building that challenge up in my mind I can end up actually achieving it.


I’ve also been writing my new book: a textbook which uses my 2019 lays as case studies to talk about Daygame. I’m eight chapters in, out of twelve, and have written 55,000 words. Don’t expect a meet to lay “do this then this,” though. Though the book obviously does cover those series of events it’s not going to cover the absolute basics. Instead it’s going to be about what I was thinking at the time and why I did each action.

I wrote it pretty consistently in spring but lost motivation by the end of the summer; sometimes you put off writing the next chapter for a few days and that becomes a week. Now I’ve come back fresh and am going at it again. One way I’ve tricked myself into writing it is to just tell myself “you have to write one sentence today.” Then I end up writing 500 words. Do that for a couple of weeks and you have a fresh chapter. This method works for most things: “just go to the gym for one minute;” “just read one page of my book each day;” etc.


And that’s it. There’s not much to report on Daygame wise these days and so what do we do instead: “sit in a cafe and work on my value.” And you can’t even do that sometimes…

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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