70 lbs and Out

Okay, so really it was 69 lbs, but that’s a funny number anyway. Today I’m going to go through some graphs which show off my journey as I near its end. At most I’ve got three more weeks of dieting to get to 12% bodyfat at which point I’ll switch into gaintaining (eating in a tiny surplus – 50 to 100 calories a day – and gaining muscle very slowly with minimal fat). Here’s my previous post on weight loss, where I describe how I lost the first 40 lbs, and my method is exactly the same as it was then.

It’s funny to go back to that post and read this:

My initial goal was to lose 20 lbs; I started at 265 lbs. I thought that that would get me to the body I wanted but as per usual I had to double that goal. Now I’m 40 lbs in and have told myself that I’ll need to lose another 10 to 15 lbs to really reach my goal.

It just goes to show you how people will always chase the next high / build more muscle / lose more fat. That’s why I’ve given myself a hard floor of 190 lbs or 12% as “measured” by my scales, whichever comes first.

Another interesting point from that previous post is where I said that I was going to count calories for two years before looking at phasing it out. Well, I started in April 2020 and it’s already May 2021, so I’ve got less than a year left. My plan with is to begin by not counting calories on one day of the week, probably a day where I eat my bog-standard food, and then to increase that by a day each month. After seven months: no more calorie counting, except for in future if I want to specifically cut fat for a particular event.

I’d recommend anyone to at least give this a go: try to get to 15% bodyfat, or maybe even 12% if you don’t find yourself too hungry. My scale is telling me I’m 13.4% bodyfat (and I always stress how inaccurate this method of measurement is) and I currently have a four pack plus my face is much leaner. The gains to being lean are just too good to pass up on. Plus, you’re probably fatter than you think; you don’t realise it, but other people do. I’ve looked back at pictures of myself from over a year ago and I was properly fat. Not obese, but noticeably overweight. Lastly, and I can’t confirm if this is the placebo effect or something else, but I feel calmer since I lost weight and seem to have greater mental clarity.

Lastly, before getting started with the graphs, I’ll reiterate that a lot of the information I have on weight loss is from Greg Doucette’s YouTube channel. I like him due to his no-nonsense and sensible approach to weight loss. I recommend watching as many videos as you can from his channel.

The first graph is a simple one showing the average amount of weight I lost each day – 0.2 lbs – and the standard deviation of weight loss – 1.67 lbs. My aim was to lose 0.5% to 1% of my median weight each week to keep as much muscle as possible. Slow and steady wins the race, and so it’s really important not to get excited by huge weight loss in a short space of time. By losing weight slowly, I almost never felt hungry either. The standard deviation also shows how water weight is the defining factor in daily fluctuations (there’s no realistic way I’d lose 1.67 lbs of fat in a day and it would take a purposeful binge to gain that).

The outliers on the far right hand side represent a few days where I went to an event where there was lots of food and drink (and the results on the far left represent the quick loss of water weight thereafter). One thing I have learned to do better since my 40 lbs post is how to handle these days where there’s going to be a lot of food and drink. One thing I can do is alternate between alcoholic drinks and a soft drink. Another is to purposefully fill myself up with the foods which are higher volume but have less calories such as salad and lean meats.

This graph is another good one showing daily water weight fluctuations. Even though my average daily weight loss was 0.2 lbs, the actual average daily fluctuation was 1.2 lbs. That’s a lot of up and down! It just goes to show you that you need to trust the process, put in good work, and eventually the scale will tip in your favour (pun intended).

Lastly we have a graph showing the days where I had my lowest weigh-in of the week. Typically I’d eat more on the weekends, and so I’d normally have my weekly low weigh-ins on Thursdays and Fridays. Probably when I start to phase out counting my calories I’ll begin with Tuesday or Wednesday.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter. I’ll reiterate, though, before signing off, that this journey was well worth it. Don’t underestimate how fat you are like I did!

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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