Back In The Saddle Again (Part 3)

This will be my final post on my return to Daygame since the end of lockdown. My overarching opinion is that London is back; not to its full potential, but it’s back. Though there are less students and tourists, there are still enough sets to go around, plus all the date venues are reopened. Hopefully the number of tourists will increase as travel restrictions are eased, and we should see another wave of students arriving in September as more courses come back to in-person learning.

In terms of whether people are still scared of COVID or not: it doesn’t seem to be a big problem. It’s very, very rare that I’ll open a girl and she’ll refuse to shake hands due to virus fears – the death knell for the set- though part of that is because of me not approaching girls who wear masks, unless they give me an IOI. I treat the mask wearers as if they’re doing me a favour, actually: sending a signal that they’re not open to being approached. Sure, there will be some girls who are darting between shops and leave it on, or who simply forget to take it off (something I’ve caught myself doing a few times), but that represents a tiny amount of potential money left on the table, and that money is certainly worth less than the amount I’d spend trying to second guess a girl’s intentions if she is wearing a mask.

I said I would keep and post my stats for my first 100 sets back. Here they are:












Date Flakes


Near Misses





First of all I’m mighty glad I was able to get two lays in those first 100 sets. There’s an additional layer of pressure from having a blog – and offering coaching – in that you need to be able to stump up the results, and people don’t care about luck or other intruding factors. So I was relieved when I got that second lay in that I would be able to post the numbers without a bunch of reframes along with it.

In terms of the numbers themselves, I’ve included the “multiplier.” That’s just the number required to get to the next level. So four approaches to one number, three numbers to one date and four/five dates to a lay. The aim is to have all those numbers be equal to each other, and to pursue the gold standard of three throughout.

I’m happy with the numbers themselves and can attempt to explain them. My previous approach to number ratio was about 3:1 and so I’m doing an additional set per number these days. This doesn’t bother me as I am consciously approaching more to take advantage of my weight loss: it might be that girls who previously wouldn’t have liked me now do and so I’m widening my net.

The multiplier for numbers to dates is three, so nothing to work on there. That’s telling me that the numbers I am getting are strong and not overly flakey.

Lastly, and this is where the improvement should be focused, is a multiplier on dates to lays of 4.5. There were a couple of near misses in there too, though one of them I don’t think I could have done anything about. To improve my date to lay ratio I’ve written down the lessons learned and will review them periodically to ensure I’ve corrected them, as well as add any new lessons. This method, incidentally, is what I recommend on nearly every coaching call/session, at every stage of the model.

Lastly, before signing off, I took note of the number of sessions (which I see Roy Walker has done for a long time). The 40 sessions, 101 approaches statistics is misleading though, because this includes sessions done while we were still in lockdown. At the moment I give myself a range of 4-7 approaches on a weekday evening session / shorter session and 7-10 approaches on a weekend / longer session, and so if these stats were taken now the number of sessions would be much lower.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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