Feeling Ill, Short Post (Approach at Any Time vs Being Off the Clock)

I’ve been feeling very ill for the past few days – literally bedridden – and so this week’s posts are late. They are also going to be very short but I wanted to get something out so that I could continue my “three posts a week” streak. I’ll release a post like this one tomorrow and on Saturday, and they are all questions I received for the running Q&A series I’ve been doing.

What is your opinion on being able to “approach at any time” versus being “off the clock?”

I fall firmly into the camp of doing neatly categorised Daygame sessions and thereby have times when I’m on and times when I’m off. Just as you shouldn’t train the same muscle group every day at the gym, I don’t think you should be Daygaming every day, nor be on the lookout for sets every day. I’d much rather have periods when I can go completely off the clock and not care about where I’m walking, how I look and where my head is at. That’s the R&R side that allows me to go full pelt when I do an actual session. The only real exception I’d have to this – as with a lot of things – is whether I got an IOI, which I would usually follow up on regardless of the time and place.

I think that many guys are attracted to the “approach at any time” paradigm because they are soppy and romantic. To be honest, I think a lot of it comes from a beta mindset. I’ll explain myself: I think that they got into Daygame because they had one-itis for some girl in their life, be it the waitress at the cafe they go to often or a girl at their workplace. They think that by learning a bit of Game they can then “pick that girl up as they go about their daily life.” Really they just want that one particular girl, or perhaps that one girl is a symbol for the girlfriend who they’ve always wanted and thought they always deserved, but never had.

Then there’s the use of “approach at any time” as a tool to overcome AA which I think is worse than just slowly building yourself up to doing full approaches. The idea that you’ll “do one if you see a set” while out buying jeans is only a trick which is going to get you on the street, it’s not going to get you into sets. And what if you’ve run out of excuses to go outside?! Instead I simply recommend taking baby steps up from asking people for directions to giving compliments and ejecting all the way to full blown sets.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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