Feeling Ill, Short Post (Managing the Process Between the 1st and 2nd Date)

How do you manage the “process” between 1st and 2nd date?

There’s a big section in Daygame Infinite on the bubble burst period i.e. what to do after the first date, but I find that for me, in London, there’s not a lot of difference as to when I take her number initially.

I send a typical ping the next day, and if she’s still interested she’ll respond, and then I’ll build into the next date request. Typically I’ll look to send it the day after that. So the timeline would go:

  • Date
  • Next day: ping and if she replies then continue to talk throughout the day
  • Day after: continue the conversation and once she replies then my next message would be the date request

And I’m sure there are some anal people out there ready to ask their “but what if she…” questions. The key is not to overthink it, because if she’s responding after the first date then she’s indicating she wants to continue interacting. Apart from not overthinking it, the principles I talked about in this post still hold.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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