Spammers Have The Worst AA

I’ve got sausages in the oven and I need to get a post out, so I’ve set myself a ten minute timer to bang this one out. The only condition is to hit my minimum 400 words.

“Spammers actually have the worst AA” is something I’ve been telling my coaching clients a lot recently. It seems that everyone has their own story of some terrible spammer which they saw polluting their local Daygame area. One guy told me – who lives in a second tier city – that he knows guys doing 20 sets a day, and quite often opens girls who then get angry with him. And that he’s opened some girls four, five, six times before! The worst I’ve personally ever seen was in Prague last year where I saw a guy literally set hopping: he’d finish one before jumping onto the next, then the next. There was no stopping him. And it didn’t matter whether it was a mixed set, families or large groups walking together. When I think of spamming, I think of him.

So anyway, back to the part about them having the worst AA. It might sound surprising because you think to yourself “if they do so many sets then how in the hell can they have a load of AA?!” The key is that AA isn’t anxiety about talking to girls, it’s the anxiety, fear and insecurity surrounding the build up to talking to girls. Just remember when you had to do presentations at school or university: the nervousness sets in as you’re waiting to be called up to the front. But then once you’re into it, you’re okay.

What spammers are doing is jumping from set to set, as if they were divers running out of oxygen and each set was a new source of life, except the oxygen in this case is adrenaline. This is why, when I’m doing infield coaching, I like to show guys how I do my sessions myself. That I don’t need to bounce from set to set, unless I’m really feeling like it, have the energy and don’t care, or have a great vibe that day.

To me Daygame is a lot like an enjoyable walk where every now and then I go off to talk to a girl. In fact, one way to see if someone has a lot of AA is to simply look at how fast they’re walking. If they’re walking fast, then it’s probably a manifestation of their anxiety.

But there is a question that remains: “If you’re living in a big city and there’s always a fresh turnover of girls, why not spam?” Okay, I see the point. It’s because rejection does actually take a toll on you, even if you’re hopped up on adrenaline. Once it becomes too much you can see it in their eyes, which become empty yet oddly intense. I know because I’ve been there before in my beginner days, and I know to spot the signal now. If I do, I know I need to ease off.

That’s ten minutes up. How did I do?

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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