#80-84: September

I think I’ve hit that point that a lot of Daygamers get to: the one where you can’t be bothered to write in-depth lay reports anymore unless they have something special to them. If you don’t believe me, check out Roy’s latest reports where he combines many lays into one post and Mr White’s latest report where it’s 40% date to nowhere misery, 40% Salman driven NFT related humour, and 20% lay report. As I’m sure we’d all agree, the process becomes same-old-same-old after a point: meet, message, date, bang. We keep on bringing these posts out partly from duty and partly for entertainment but a lot for internet dick waving and Twitter likes.

The below are the five (that’s right, five!) lays that I got in September this year, or as it may now be known: Slagtember. It includes three lays from London and two from Kiev (you can read my review of the city here). However, I wouldn’t count this as my best month in Daygame as that honour would go to October 2019 where I got four lays but the girls were hotter and younger.

September 2021 was my most prolific month in Daygame so far, but as many people warn, racking up the lays is not the magic formula for happiness (beyond a certain point, that is; to begin with each lay is a lot more precious than later on). It also doesn’t mean that I’m the King of Daygame. In reality, things just went my way and I was rewarded for my persistence.

We should never detract from the effects of good luck. Good luck has the biggest dick to wave on the internet and should be getting the lion’s share of Twitter likes. But I learned that a long time ago it’s not that the top guys are the luckiest, moreso that they put themselves in positions so that when luck strikes things go really well for them.


I met Jane back at the end of July as she was heading to work one day. Polish, 26 years old, a seven. Standard Daygame fodder. She was initially quite hesitant and I thought she was going to walk off since her work was waiting, but after a moment she settled down and eased into the interaction. I took her number but didn’t think she was hugely interested. Later on I would find out that she was “seeing someone” at this point, which goes to explain some of her hesitance, and should serve as a reminder that girls won’t always mention their boyfriends/potential suitors.

I sent my feeler and we got back into a back and forth but she always seemed busy. That was until I got drunk one evening and tried to booty call her to my house. It didn’t work but it did seem to irritate her and she got all riled up and I managed to convert that emotion into a coffee date (which was better than nothing, and nothing was where it looked to be headed).

We met and had a coffee and a little walk and I seeded the second date for drinks. That seemed to do the trick and later that evening she bombarded me with messages. It seemed on.

We got back to messaging and it seemed that logistics were going to fuck the whole thing up. She was going back to Poland for two weeks and then I’d be in Kiev. Luckily, I pinged her one evening and enquired about her logistics. She was free that evening (she had had a work meeting moved and so I initially had thought she’d be busy), I gave her a YOLO spiel and we met later that night. Given that she lived an hour away and was going to meet me at 10pm I knew it was on. We met, I escalated, moved her to my place. +1.


I met Jane on Oxford Street at some point in August. Romanian, 29 years old, used to be a catwalk model, a high seven. She didn’t give me any kind of IOI but I sensed that she would be up for it. She was also carrying a massive doughnut for her nephew and so it was easy to open off the back of that. I took her number and after a bit of persistence over messaging (she was very lazy) she came out.

I think I moved too fast on the date. She liked to tease a bit and I escalated too quickly; I should have just sat back and let her do her on-again-off-again dance. I tried bouncing her back to mine and she wouldn’t come.

We went back to messaging and I thought I’d overcooked it. She flaked on the second date twice (as I said, she was very lazy, she’d agree to meet conditionally on how she was feeling that day) but I had a gut instinct to persist because she kept on replying and I knew that she would eventually become horny. This is something that seems to have changed for me recently: I more often get those girls consistently responding to my messages and I know that I’m tempting them to have fast sex. It’s like they’re on a diet and I’m the kebab shop, and the messages are the smell wafting through their windows. Eventually, they cave.

There was a spanner in the works though: at one point she told me she couldn’t meet because she’d started seeing someone who she’d met via an app, but I pushed through it saying that it was the 21st century, asked “what does seeing someone even mean,” telling her that “to define is to limit” and that we shouldn’t put expectations on ourselves. She seemed to like that kind of flimsy BS and so I just said that we should meet for a coffee. I knew that if she dressed herself up for the date then it was on, and she did.

I met her in Covent Garden and we went for that coffee, then bar hopped until we were within walking distance of my place. The “LMR” took about an hour to bust, but it was more just a patient thing of letting her tease me while I sat back, rolled my eyes and pretended to be unimpressed. +1.


This came from a demo set I did near Covent Garden. Jane was a six, Danish, very tall (over six feet), and gave me a big IOI. She even turned back to look at me as we walked past each other. I said “excuse me” while she was looking and walked over. Luckily I was mic’d up at that point and so the student heard the whole thing.

The set was, understandably, very on, but I knew that logistics would try to fuck things over (I was going to Kiev soon) and I enquired about her evening. She said she was meeting friends later that evening and would be free for a drink afterwards. Perfect.

I met up with Lee Cho, his wing OD, and Kaiser for a beer until she messaged to say she was free. From there it was plain sailing: we went to pub number one where I kept the conversation good natured and fun; went to pub two where I stepped things up a bit and made the conversation more sexual; told her we should go and watch a film and then got the tube to my area. Walked her straight back to my place and there was a nanosecond of LMR where she said we wouldn’t have sex. I replied “okay, that’s fine.” +1.


This one was just as straightforward as the previous one, but unfortunately another six. 27 years old and a great body but her face priced her out of the seven category. I opened Jane on Khreschatyk Street and she immediately spazzed out and leaned forward towards me. I’d had a lot of coffee that day and had just been opening like a lunatic. I think she liked the fact I was so caffeinated and intense. At the end of the set I told her we should go for a drink another time and she immediately told me that she would be free in an hour.

It was on from the start but it still took a couple of hours to get her comfortable with coming back to mine. She rejected the first two kiss attempts, and I even got her mere paces away from my apartment door, but she dragged on my arm saying we should “have another drink.” All part of the dance, I told myself, before having that one perfunctory drink, reoffering the bounce back to mine and going through with it. +1.


I was winging with Krauser and Kaiser on Khreschatyk (the KKK). I spotted a big IOI and Krauser pointed it out too, so I ran over to open. Jane – seven, 25 years old and very tall – didn’t stop straight away but I got her to slow down and eventually stop. It went from what seemed like a weak set into a strong one and I took her number.

I tried getting her out later that evening and told her to message me when she was finished with her friend. She got back to me at around 1am but said she was going home. The important thing was that she messaged me and didn’t just wait until the next day (or not message at all). It meant that she felt in some way accountable to me and didn’t want to mess things up. I set up our drink for the following day.

As soon as we met she walked a half step behind me, following my lead entirely, indicating that she was well up for it (Krauser has this as one of his indicators to look out for if the girl has made The Switch). The whole thing was incredibly on. I led her over to Poter Pub and got started. I could have tried to bounce her straight away to my apartment from the first venue but the walk would have taken at least 15 minutes and I didn’t want the cold to ruin the vibe, so I took her to one more place close to mine.

We had one drink there and I offered the bounce to mine. Oddly, she pretended not to hear what I said (literally pretended) and just said “I can’t hear you, you just lead,” which I did. +1.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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4 thoughts on “#80-84: September

  1. PUA leads to nothing more than banging Eastern European girls lol. It’s funny every major Pua ends up moving to E. Europe or just moving their bootcamps there and can’t recognise this pattern.


    1. so what? EE birds in general are the hottest so i would rather stick my cock in EE splodge than the sub standard entitled rubbish we suffer in the west. I’m moving 😉 t-ra donut!


  2. 1) E. European women are the most attractive in the world? Funny how that is only a consensus with the PUA community.

    2) Having sex with women who see you as an opportunity for a better life is not game.


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