Q&A: How Do I Protect My Vibe From Spammers?

I’ve got another one: it’s a bit silly really but now that the weather gets warmer the other daygamers come out of hibernation. In this city with 400k people there are always at least 10 daygamers in the pedestrian area every day. And it does influence my mood. Especially when I see them do well with a girl that blew me out. Although I never want to approach the same girl twice it does annoy me.

So how do I protect my vibe from seeing these spammers for example?

Since spring has begun it felt like the right time to answer this question.

My first recommendation is simple: avoid them. In most cities the spammers go to a particular location – Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw is the worst example that comes to mind – and so you only need to go somewhere one or two streets over to see very few Daygamers, if none at all. On the surface this might sound like giving up and letting them win but there are huge benefits to approaching somewhere else: lower spotlight effect (for you and for her), less chance of approaching a girl who’s already been approached multiple times that day and a feeling that this is your own personal Daygame playground.

Sure, you’ll see less girls in total than you would on the main pedestrian street but you’ll see more sets in other areas.

Spammers are typically a very uncreative bunch and they focus on the most obvious areas without second thoughts. They also go out at the most obvious times and days. If you can make it out at a different time or on a weekday you’ll probably see way less of them.

The next part of my answer comes down to reminding yourself of two things: spammers are, by and large, awful at picking up women – they substitute skill and SMV improvements for sheer approach volume – and you shouldn’t see them as serious competition (even if a girl appears to react well in-set how likely do you think it is that she slept with him or even dated him?).

The next thing to remind yourself of is that women are approached all the time: from a street stop to a nightclub to being swiped on dating apps to even that guy at work who’s always a bit more friendly with her than he is with everyone else. Heck, the day I met my girlfriend she had already been approached twice! I have a saying: “she might have been approached 100 times already, but she hasn’t met me yet,” and what I mean by that is that the number of times she’s been approached isn’t the main factor in you getting the girl… It’s “you” in your entirety. And “you” are “you” no matter how many other guys there are out there.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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