Irrelevant Alternatives

I’m sitting in bed and not had my morning coffee yet; currently stewing in my sheets after a late night out with one of the main supporting cast to my life: Victor. To cut a long story short, we met after work and then went out for his girlfriend’s birthday. She brought along another girl who I had kissed about a year and a half previously. How does this relate to Daygame? We’ll get to it.

When her and I last met, I was still in my old blue pill relationship, and ended up with lipstick smears over my shirt (more post-work shenanigans). When I returned home I swiftly removed the offending article and stuffed it deep into my washing basket unless the evidence was to become public. I imagine you’re still wondering how this has anything to do with Daygame. Believe me we’ll get there.

Throughout last night, I was running Mystery Method on her but at the same time, she’d also brought a guy she had met on Tinder. He was doing all of the standard things: not making any bold moves, buying her drinks, always trying to talk with her, etc, which made the comparison to my laconic nonchalance increasingly obvious. We’re getting closer to the bit about Daygame now.

The key force at work here was the difference between the two of us. The more I pushed, the more she chased. The more he pulled, the further she ran away.

Humans hate to make choices when they don’t have any reference experiences. I think one of the reasons why black girls get approached by Daygamers less is because they aren’t sure what a hot black girl is supposed to look like. Is it just a different coloured carbon copy of the girls they’ve already fucked, or otherwise?

There’s an interesting behavioural quirk which can be described by the following analogy and it includes the titular “irrelevant alternative”:

  • Let’s say you’re going to rent a new flat and have to choose between two properties
    • One is close to work but very expensive
    • The other is far away from work but very cheap
  • You can’t make your mind up because the expensive one is just as close to work as the far away one is cheap.
  • Now, let’s see what happens when we introduce a third alternative, an irrelevant alternative:
    • A flat which is just as close as the first one, but even more expensive
  • You now have three options but the last one I introduced is utterly pointless to the decision. The first flat strictly dominates the third.
  • Now that we have something to compare one of the original options to, most people opt for the first flat (close but expensive)

This is prevalent everywhere in society. The common real life example to look out for are different magazine subscriptions, where two packages are quite different but a third offers online access and is the same price as the more expensive one of the original two.

Getting back to Daygame; I’d often used to think to myself “I can’t approach her because she probably gets it all the time” or “I could swear I saw someone else approach her earlier”. That’s actually a good thing! Taking competent Daygamers as a category in and of themselves (and disregarding drunks, wolf-whistlers and Daygame beginners), how can the girl be sure that she is making the right choice when she has nothing to compare to? In effect, you become a big fish in her effective-daytime-approach-small-pond.

Now let’s also relate this back to what I was saying about jeans in a previous post. When you have a few options you feel that you can make the best choice; whereas with hundreds of options you’re never sure. The girl has a horde of orbiter chodes to pick from but will constantly upgrade knowing that she might not have made the optimum choice. On the other hand, she can be well-assured that she picked the correct daytime approach to go along with.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Crown

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