One Year In, Monthly Review

I’m blogging from bed again with a black coffee in hand (maybe some girls will find out that I’m living the dream also 😉 credit Krauser). Last night I had another out of body experience: I’d watched the Return of the King extended edition and then a regular had come over in the evening. I’d put on a Sheepy Mix playlist on YouTube and at one point it moved into a LOTR inspired beat. There’s nothing like fucking a girl in the ass while being cheered on by Gandalf. Daygame is the gift that keeps on giving…

After seeing her off, I decided to have a charge around the internet and see what was cracking. That was when I stumbled across a post on Black Dragon’s blog regarding the 12 months of the year and their quality for dating and relationships (read here). What a coincidence, I thought to myself, I’ve just gone through a calendar year of Daygame and could give my own two cents.

I started to go back through my experiences in London for each month, and it’s interesting how everyone comes to roughly the same conclusion: you build up to your best results in the spring, and from there it’s downhill except for a spike around September.

I’ll go through each month in the order that I experienced it, starting with November, when I began Daygaming properly. I think that starting in November really helped because overcoming approach anxiety gave me motivation to go out when there wasn’t much to be had. Then by the time I got around to springtime, I had the skillset in place. The only downside I’ve found is a psychological one: I compare my current results to spring, and question whether I’ve lost something. I’ve started this blog in November as well, I wonder if there’ll be any similarities…

For the legions of fairweather Daygamers who start in late spring or summer and don’t get any results, the winter compounds their misery. That’s a recipe for dropout rate in an already sky-high dropout sport.


Cold, and I was finding my feet so the number closes were few and far between. I remember going out with the aim of doing my ten sets (not a problem since I would just keep on going until I got them), and getting one number (which wasn’t always achieved). The numbers were of standard flakiness (50%).


Still cold, obviously, but there was a Christmas pulse to the streets. They were much busier and I always had a backstory for why I was there. I was getting more numbers and had some really good sets. Although (as Caleb points out in his post), any kind of pursuit after the 16th seems pointless since girls are busy with Christmas plans and the bubble bursts. For December 2017, I’m going to take this into account and spend the last two weeks of the year focusing on closing any leads I have and starting 2018 afresh.


By now I was settling into a consistent rhythm and was starting to experience sessions of good vibe for the first time, but it was still too cold for anything spectacular. Caleb puts January down as the best month of the year for dating so I’m looking forward to churning out a lot of sets next year to see whether that holds true. He also makes a great point that girls have got rid of their “scared to be alone at Christmas” boyfriends and are now looking for “someone to spend Valentine’s Day with” boyfriends. The only small negative (as well as the cold), is that some girls were trying to do Dry January.

February, March, April, May

The temperature crept up and my results did too. On some days, even when not in a high vibe, I felt like I could number close every set, and of those closes, 80% were replying to the feeler. Eye spazz was an incredibly frequent occurrence. Apart from the Easter weekend when your plans can be scuppered, this period seems to be the golden age.

June, July, August

The excellent mid-teen temperatures faded away and the summer brought with it unbearable heat and humidity, plus the fact that universities are no longer in term and holidays are happening (logistical problems galore). On the other hand, there are more tourists in London; swings and roundabouts. My main contention was with the heat and that it made Daygame quite exhausting.

September, October

Universities are back in session and the temperature returns to a comfortable t-shirt and leather jacket supporting state. Although, the former of those two benefits are scuppered by freshers week and the whirlwind of events surrounding the beginning of the academic year. My results on the street were consistent with my all time average (1:3.5 number to approach ratio and 50% flake rate).

Given I’ve mapped out the above, it would be a waste not to think about the future and plan my workrate for the next year to maximise the lay count while not driving myself into the ground:

November: 10-20 sets per week depending on how active I’m feeling and be prepared to go on an additional date to get the lay.

December: 30-40 sets per week for the first two weeks and then none for the remainder. Standard dating approach.

(The effective aim for November and December is to get a lay in each month and then get the hell outta there).

January: 40-50 sets per week and the standard dating approach. My aim will be to get any 2018 hoodoo out of the way as quick as possible to get me off the mark.

February, March, April, May: 35-45 sets per week and standard dating approach minus one venue. The aim will be to get two lays a month and set up some new FBs (more on that when Harem Manager 2017 is written).

June, July, August: I really hate heat, so it will be 20-30 sets per week with the standard dating approach. Again the aim will be to get a lay in each month then be scarce.

September, October: 25-35 sets per week with the standard dating approach, with an extra focus on nurturing some of the lays into winter mini-relationships.

Let’s see how this all plays out then.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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