Recommended Reading

I’ve just added a “Recommended Reading” page to this site so check it out if you want to know how I’ve improved my inner and outer Game (beyond actually approaching in real life). I follow a few blogs/websites but the paid for material will always stand above it because the author puts a much larger magnitude of effort into its production.

I’m always looking for new material to read so please leave any suggestions and if I’m interested then I’ll add them to the “to read” list. Having begun with more practical and directly related works, I then took common advice and branched out into material related to evolutionary biology, psychology, masculinity, and sales. Given that every human action is inspired by genes which are programmed to encourage replication, every book ever written has some relation to Game. Meaning, anything and everything has crossover value.

I remember Krauser writing at some point that when you read, you download the best version of the author into your brain for a moment, and I’ve found this to be absolutely true. While I’m reading I tend to “become” the author for the length of the book, becoming a Crown inspired version of themselves (American Psycho was a hoot!). This can be a negative however: if the author has a toxic frame your vibe will suffer (Death by a Thousand Sluts was humorous but harmful) the same if the book is too “eye opening” (Atlas Shrugged). Nonetheless, read the books that make you feel bad anyway.

I recommend reading the Daygame memoirs and textbooks first (Krauser and Torero especially) so you can sink into their stories and find similarities to your own.

Next I recommend reading Mystery Method. If you don’t, it’s like being a priest having never read the Bible. The foundations of any Game material lie in Mystery Method, and it’s astounding how few people I meet have read it.

From there on, the choice is yours, but read “seminal texts” first since latter ones will be written with the assumption that you know what has come previously. A personal favourite is “Habits of a Happy Brain” by Loretta Breuning (not seminal but it lays the hormonal foundations for you); I’ll be writing a series of posts on how each of the hormones in the book affect Daygame.

Whenever you have the choice, get the ebooks rather than paperbacks so that you can read them on your phone on the way to and from work, and for when you sneak off for a lengthy toilet break ;). More than 80% of the books I listed are available as ebooks vis-a-vis your choice to get the paperback and wait to learn is in fact a weasel. The aim is to live, eat, and breathe Game like a greedy Henry Hoover. This will inspire you to take action, as further reading spurs more tinkering and better results. I did my first 1000 sets in eight months, which equates to roughly 30 sets a week. Part of the inspiration for that was exploiting the dopamine hit I gained from finding a new technique or mindset to implement. Reading will become an immensely pleasurable experience because each page will make you feel like you’re fulfilling some sort of “inner purpose” i.e. aiding the spreading of your genes. Becoming obsessed is your greatest ally.

Including the books on the “To Read” section, there are 35 titles. Most of these will take about a week to read (remember any travel and toilet time is spent reading as well), some a little more (for example, the 1000 page behemoth that is Atlas Shrugged) and some a little less (Greatest Salesman in the World). Overall, it’s enough to get you entirely hooked.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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