Killer Lines

Now that I’ve got your attention with that clickbait title, I can let you down and say that this isn’t going to be the Crown version of “5 words that will get her dripping wet” or “the one text which will immediately make her call her hot swedish model friend and come straight to yours for a no-holds-barred threesome”. These are just two little lines I’ve been throwing into my Daygame which I like a lot; one’s from Torero and it’s helped my outer Game, the other’s from Krauser and helped my inner Game.

The first one from Torero is “I’m a bit of a naughty boy” and I sometimes deliver this as “I used to be a very naughty boy” if I’m talking about how I was as a child. When’s that combined with a sheepish grin as if your indulgent nan has caught you with your hand in the biscuit tin: dynamite. It amps up the guilty pleasure vibe of the pick-up and you’ll know it hit home if she comes back with something along the lines of “I bet you were”.

The other one is a very standard one – “I’m a man, it’s my job to try” – but the reason I credit this to Krauser as an inner Game line is because of something he says in Black Book with regards to rejection on the street. You might throw the opener and a couple of stacks at her, but nothing is sticking; she’s turning out to be a No girl or was a Maybe and you just got something wrong.

At that point you should just vacuum to see if she fills in the gap because she might just be shy. Or perhaps you weren’t even giving her a chance to speak. If she then motions to leave, call out the elephant in room and overtly state you were hitting on her and that it’s your job to try. She’ll appreciate that and you’ll both leave with a better feeling than you would otherwise.

As you go from beginner to intermediate, you get over the majority of your AA. When you approach as a beginner, even if the set goes badly, you’re still gaining because you’re overcoming your AA. However, this benefit isn’t present once you hit the intermediate stage, and at all stages, there is a small cost to approaching in terms of mental energy.

So when you become an intermediate, it’s possible for you to approach with this calculation in mind: if I don’t get the number, then this set will be costly, therefore I should only approach if the positive of getting the number is equal to or greater than the cost. Therefore the expected value of approaching is:

E(v) = Pr. (# close) * Girl Hotness – cost of approach

You’ll only approach if this equation is positive. That means you’ll aim for girls which you believe are higher probability or are simply hotter. Higher probability might mean that they have a subcultural look which you may have an “in” for, she’s giving off ovulation signals, or that your SMV is obviously higher (hypergamy).

Given that the cost of approach is asymptotically constant, the first part of this function must be greater than that constant. However, when you introduce the “it’s my job to try” line, the cost of approach becomes smaller because the hit from rejection is lower.

This leads you to approach more and/or weasel less, as the expected value from approaching is strictly higher due to the cost of approaching being lower. You can see this in two ways: you have more to gain from approaching the same girls as before; and you can justify approaching girls who will be harder to close (lower probability) or less attractive. Even though you might see that last point as a weasel, it’s actually a positive because it’s widening your net of potential opens thus improving your “pre-abundance” (copyright Crown 2017).

Furthermore, what about when there’s a scarcity of hotness? Walking about for five hours and not approaching is only netting you the benefit of the exercise. When there’s only basement bargain bin levels of hotness on offer you should take what you can get. See it as an opportunity to experiment with new techniques or to push faster escalation. Often times the only difference in attraction is investment, on both sides.

I’m trying to break this down to a functional level, taking the watch apart and putting it back together again is my method to gain understanding, but just having conceptual understanding suffices: softening the blow of rejection leads to more approaching.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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