Some Objective Standards For Looks

Looks matter, but how do we judge them objectively? In this post I’ve tried to lay down some guidelines for ratings and what that person might look like. Just remember: this is a bit of fun. Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder. And you can always ruin good looks with anti-Game and improve on your looks with good Game. To me a guy’s looks and his ability to not fuck-up (an absence of anti-Game) form the foundation of his SMV in Daygame. 

The below is also without style or fashion in mind: each person has what’s congruent to them and they should wear that. Just avoid making poor choices on that front and stick to what suits you. 

Lastly the numbered ratings are just there for ease of reference. I don’t personally use decimal places but if you want to, go ahead. Use the numbers if they’re a useful reference to you. 


The below is based on four factors: face (symmetry, proportions, jawline, etc.), weight (bodyfat % or BMI), height and level of muscle. I’m not saying that each of these factors are equivalent in importance. For example I’d consider height generally more important than facial good looks. The lists that I’ve given below would be if you had a similar rating in all four factors. 

If you’re particularly good in one area then move yourself up a ranking. For example, you have a decent face but have a lot of muscle or are considered tall. If you’re particularly bad in one area then move yourself down. For example, you’re considered tall but have little to no muscle (the beanpole). 

Remember, it’s a bit of fun. 

Let’s start with the good news:

5: average face, average weight (average BMI in the UK for men in 2019 was 27.6 and BMI is a good metric for those with little to no muscle), average height (5”9), little to no muscle.

The truth is that the statistically average man is overweight, which is good news (for us, not for them!). It means that if you can improve yourself just a little bit then you can be a:

6: decent face, 20-23% bodyfat, 5″9 to 6″, some muscle (but people won’t ask you “do you work out?” unless it’s a girl who’s really into you)

And on to the rest:

7: good looking, 17-20% bodyfat, 6″6+, a good amount of muscle (people sometimes ask you “do you work out?” or say “I can tell you work out”)

8: very good looking, 13-17% bodyfat, 6”3 to 6”6, a lot of muscle (people don’t need to ask if you work out because they already know)

9: extremely good looking (model quality looks), 10-13% bodyfat, 6” to 6”3, top level chad genetics for muscle


Age: I’ve left age out of this since a silver fox type character can still be good looking and a younger guy can just look pubescent. 

Bodyfat: I consider 10-13% to be the optimal given muscle. If you’re 10% but have no muscle then you look like a twig and would probably benefit from being a little fatter to give the illusion of size. It’s a sliding scale of balancing leanness with size. Another point is that as you get leaner then your face will look better (to a point), so the two often go hand in hand. 

Height: I consider 6” to 6”3 to be the sweet spot for height. 6”3-6”6 is good: better than 5”9 to 6” but not as good as the sweet spot. 6”6+ (within reason, I’m not talking about giants here) is better than 5″9 to 6″ for most girls unless they think you’re “too tall” for them. 6″3 to 6″6 is better than 6″6+ in my opinion since you get less girls thinking you’re “too tall” but are still tall.


And why let the fun stop there?! Let’s rate some of your favourite Daygamers using the above criteria:

Tom Torero: worse than average face (4), average weight (5), tall (8), little to no muscle (5). Total: 22. Overall: 5/6.

Nick Krauser (current form, but is it his final form? See my Twitter poll “will Krauser take injectable PEDs?”): average face (5), ~18% bodyfat (7), average height (5), some muscle (6). Total: 23. Overall: 6.

Roy Walker:  good looking face (7), lean (7), slightly higher than average height (6), some muscle (6). Total: 26. Overall: 6/7. 

Mr White: good looking face (7), ~18% bodyfat (7), tall (8), lots of muscle (8). Total: 30. Overall: 7/8. 

Lee Cho: decent face (6), average weight (5), short (4), little to no muscle (5). Total: 20. Overall: 5. 

Thomas Crown: good looking face (7), ~15% bodyfat (8), very tall (7), decent muscle (7). Total: 29. Overall: 7.

Yours unfaithfully, 

Thomas Crown

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