Is Game a Social Good?

Is Game a social good i.e. is it something that provides a positive externality? Today’s post is a thought piece using what people commented on my Twitter poll and my own thoughts.

“Yes” won by a mile, unsurprisingly, but I think a lot of this is because many guys were answering the question of whether Game is good for a guy’s life. Obviously men are part of society and so their benefitting from Game benefits society, but it’s not really the question I was asking. I was asking whether Game leads to positive externalities.

I asked that question in the first place because, funnily enough, I watched a few videos of Denzel Washington commenting on race relations in the US. Watch a few, he’s very charismatic. I recommend it.

One point he makes constantly is that culture starts in the home. If kids don’t grow up with strong fathers and strong families then they’re much more likely to drop out of school and turn to crime. The data shows this isn’t a problem just for black families, it’s present everywhere.

So I wondered whether Game was a social good. If guys were better able to select women suitable for LTRs could they build stronger families? Would their understanding of female nature via The Red Pill allow them to keep those families together, as well as pass the lessons on to their children? Would they learn traditional masculine values and be able to act as role models for their kids? Thus putting the next generation in the best position possible to not repeat the errors of the previous ones.

Then there’s the fact that Game allows guys to get their player years out of their system. Then it might be possible to say they could commit to relationships with less fear of having missed out. Of course that relies on the guy in question not getting so addicted to the thrill of pick-up that they couldn’t give it up. Nonetheless, most guys I meet – even the ones successful at pick-up – don’t want to be players forever.

The thing is, and the guys on Twitter brought this up, that most guys don’t make it beyond the beginner stage of pick-up. It could even be argued that once someone has experienced the “bitter taste of The Red Pill” and couldn’t exploit it then it would sour their future relationships with women.

Lastly, there’s the excellent point that as a man gets the player years out of his life he’s perhaps not just “enjoying the decline” but encouraging it. However, there have always been naturals who pumped and dumped. The number of guys who actually become good at Game (who started from a low level) are so few and far between that the number of naturals dwarf them i.e. the decline would be encouraged anyway.


That’s roughly where my thoughts end on the matter. Just a disclaimer: don’t extrapolate what I’ve said here to other views. Just because I’ve written this doesn’t mean I think guys should or shouldn’t use Game. It’s up to the individual.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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One thought on “Is Game a Social Good?

  1. >>The thing is, and the guys on Twitter brought this up, that most guys don’t make it beyond the beginner stage of pick-up.

    Yes, and that’s a real key: there are levels to the game: and the overwhelming majority of the discussion relates to the first and maybe second level… not the fifth or sixth or twentieth.

    Guys writing about the later levels probably have a much smaller audience, simply because the material isn’t going to resonate to most readers.


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