You Do Not Decide Your SMV (plus anchoring, SMV and the SMP)

Recently Pink Panther and I had a debate on Twitter in response to this tweet:

He then put up a post on his blog to continue the debate:

I messaged PP about this to confirm this is what his theory is and in today’s post I’m going to respond to it:

That between a female six and seven that there’s a critical point.

There are lots of female sixes and fewer female sevens. That means that sixes are more interchangeable and that male sixes (SMV = looks + status + charisma) can grind more to bang a six.

In contrast sevens are rarer and less interchangeable and therefore can demand more in the SMP. PP called this “Surge Pricing” in his post. He says that because of the elasticity of demand that in London sevens can expect to lay male 7+s, let’s call them male 7.5s. They might be two points hotter than the average girl but could expect to match with guys who are more than two points hotter than the average guy.

He says that this phenomena is specific for sevens since once the girl is an eight there aren’t as many guys who are going to be 8.5s and up.


First of all I totally agree that because of population there’s more opportunity for luck and grinding at lower SMVs. You simply get more chances. You can grind for sevens but it takes a lot more time and effort. And grinding for eights in a place like London will see you racking up an enormous step count.

But that’s where my agreement ends because – as I’ll lay out below – if you consider a girl a seven but she can get with guys above seven then she herself is more than a seven. This applies to guys too. The overall point I want to get at below is that you don’t decide your SMV – the market does – and how to react to that.

But take this post and remember that it’s theory. The theory can change depending on what pops up in real life. And don’t take the numbers as being ironclad, they’re just rough guidelines through which we try to build a hierarchy of hotness. Lastly, as always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The only question that should matter specifically to anyone is whether they’re happy with the kind of girls they’re getting.


I think there’s been some confusion here simply because of terminology. Something’s value usually means its inherent or objective value. In contrast something’s price is just the amount of money something can fetch in a marketplace. In our world that “something” your product can fetch is female SMV and we all want to get the highest price (the best girls) in return for our product.

This is where I’ll start to say: you don’t decide your SMV, the SMP does, and this can change from place to place. Most importantly: it doesn’t care about what you think.

If I own a family heirloom it might have a lot of value to me, but not much to someone else. The value (to me) is high but the price in the market is low. If I think I can get a price in the market that matches the value the heirloom has to me then I’ll be sorely mistaken.

Now, there are always some sales and marketing tactics I could employ to make the heirloom appear to be more valuable to a would-be buyer, but those are within reason. I’m not going to be able to take a £20 item and sell it for £100. Perhaps I could sell the heirloom for £25.

Note: people are obviously more complicated than simply having a number over their head representing their “price.” This is just by way of analogy saying that a guy who’s a six by looks could use sales and marketing tactics (Game, which engages the backwards inducing element of a girl’s brain) to make appear as a seven.

Someone who has the wrong idea of their own SMV, man or woman, would also be sorely mistaken. Just imagine a girl who is so entitled that she believes she should be in an LTR with an eight but in reality can, at most, get a seven. When it comes to our sexual partners what we think about ourselves doesn’t matter. It only matters what we can get in the market.

So bringing this back to SMV it would more accurately be described as Sexual Market Price.

Now let’s look at people moving from place to place.

If a girl is a six in her hometown but moves to London and goes on dates mostly with sevens, then she’s a seven in London. Let’s call her a hometown six but a London seven. In other words, in her hometown the market puts a “price” of six on her (it perceives her SMV to be six) but in London there’s a higher perception. She’s more “valued” in London maybe because of a short supply of hotter girls in London. Again, just a hypothetical example so don’t get worked up over the number.

Similarly if a guy can lay sixes in London he’s a six there. If he goes somewhere else and bangs sevens then he’s an seven there.

Overall your SMV is only relevant to everyone else who’s competing in the same marketplace. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In the land of the morbidly obese, the merely obese is king.

This is perhaps an unpopular opinion but by that logic even if someone was obnoxious, fat, rude, etc but they can consistently have sex/go on dates with sevens then they themself are a 7. Even if that person would be completely invisible in another SMP.

So what happens when a guy goes abroad to find a wife / bang girls?

If a guy can bang sixes in London but goes to Eastern Europe and ends up with a 7 he’s not pulling one over the SMP. Even though he gets a positive shock it’s still just an SMV match (at least). The perception of his SMV is higher in the foreign country compared to his domestic one and his perception of her SMV is the thing that gives him a positive shock. This is because of his anchoring.

Anchoring in this case are the expectations we built as we grew up as of what kind of girl we can get.

If a guy grows up and thinks he can only bang sixes then if he goes somewhere else and bangs a seven he’ll feel like he’s winning at life. But to bang that seven she’ll have to have perceived him as at least being an SMV match for her anyway. He’s not cheating the SMP in any way at all. He just feels extra good because he’s still anchored to the expectations he built growing up.

You can’t get away from the fundamental laws of the SMP: hypergamy and SMV matches (at least) are needed for sex.

Girls don’t sleep with guys who they don’t value and think are beneath them (“out of their league”). That means that self improvement is the only way forward if in the long run you want to improve your results.

This is a message I really want to stress:

If you don’t think you’re getting the calibre of girls you deserve or in the right amounts: improve yourself. Take it upon yourself as a mission to make yourself better. There’s no government to bail you out and there’s no welfare state to fall back on. The responsibility falls to you and to you only.

If you want to bang a girl you’re going to need to have at least as much SMV as her. Sure there are some lucky days where your vibe is great: higher vibe -> higher SMV. Then there will be some times where you’ll stoop below your SMV because you wanted something easier or perhaps you were just in the mood.

That’s why I said in this post that most guys will end up with an average laid-SMV of somewhere just below their own. That means that the best way to know your own SMV is to take the median of your lays. That or the girls you’ve been in LTRs with if you’re more of a serial monogamist.

There are simply too many “what ifs?” to consider if you want to measure your SMV (as a man) by girls giving you IOIs or girls who go on dates with you. That’s why it has to be measured by lays or LTRs.

Lastly when it comes to LTRs you’re most definitely going to have to be at least a match for her. You won’t be able to run “relationship Game” forever and you’ll get found out. This is why (and this applies to running Game to amass lays) it’s great to polarise: if you polarise opinions then you’re more likely to find girls to whom you are “their 10.”


So, I went off on a massive tangent there but I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about these things.

Bringing this full circle I disagree with PP’s notion of there being a phenomena surrounding sevens. If you see someone and you think they’re a seven, but in reality they can get with people who are higher than that, then they’re not a seven. This is because we don’t get to decide our SMVs, the market does.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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3 thoughts on “You Do Not Decide Your SMV (plus anchoring, SMV and the SMP)

  1. “ This is why (and this applies to running Game to amass lays) it’s great to polarise: if you polarise opinions then you’re more likely to find girls to whom you are “their 10.” “

    Can you expand on this? How do you polarise?

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