Dead! Out now

I’m proud to announce that my new book Dead! is now available for purchase. I’ve been working on this book for the past year and it feels great to finally be able to make it public. Check out my post on how I wrote it here.

Dead! is a Daygame textbook told through a series of case studies: my 2019 Daygame lays. It’s also a memoir but the focus is entirely on what I did and said and why. You could say it’s a series of lay reports on steroids. I kept copious notes after every lay and that’s what let me go into so much detail. That means that every technique and topic discussed has a real life example attached to it.

There’s a lay for everyone in this book, whether you’re interested in fast same day and first date lays or the drawn out seduction of a girl living with her boyfriend. It includes my experiences travelling to Prague and Warsaw where I Daygamed outside of London for the very first time. It’s got everything from slutty r-selected girls to chaste K-selected girls. There really is a lay for everyone.

Dead! is mainly aimed at intermediate Daygamers who love to analyse everything but there are lessons in there for guys at every level. I’m hoping that by reading this book you’ll get a tonne of insight into my Daygame and that it will help you in your own journey massively.

The book follows the typical one-lay-per-chapter structure and each chapter is headed by a group of keywords. These keywords are included in the contents section of the book along with a brief description of the lay so that you can move to the appropriate chapter quickly.

Follow the link below to purchase:


Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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4 thoughts on “Dead! Out now

  1. But why is it titled “Dead!”? And will there be a paper version available?

    Nice cover, by the way; really begs for a paper version.

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