Inner Game Round-Up

Recently I’ve been adding to an Inner Game category on this website – you can find all of the posts here – and today I want to highlight some specific ones and a central idea. It’s not all of what Inner Game entails, there’s certainly more to it than that, and I don’t know the full scope myself, but I think it’s a big part of it: accepting failure.

Even for the best guys out there, getting an approach to lay ratio of 30:1 means “failing” 29 times. For most guys that failure rate is many times worse. Failure is an intrinsic part of the Game and a guy can react to that in many different ways. That ranges from the best, where it’s practically water off of a duck’s back – where the guys accepts that failure is part of the Game, and that each “No” leads eventually to a “Yes” – all the way up to the worst, where they pathologise the rejection, and add it to an intellectual structure which allows them to dismiss each girl.

There’s another poor way to deal with failure/rejection, and that’s to become the approach machine who doesn’t care about – or at least isn’t affected at all by – a girl’s bad reaction. These are the intense-face spammers; those who fall on the autistic/aspergers spectrum somewhat.

Do we enjoy failure? This post is the most obvious one relating to this Inner Game concept. In this post I highlight a question about two possible experiences of Daygame told through the lens of a 100:1 approach to lay ratio and how it shows that, as explained by our choices, we seem to “enjoy” failure (rejection) to some extent.

Does Game work? In this post I ask whether we are actively persuading/influencing girls to go along with us or whether we’re just signalling to them, at which point they allow us to proceed. This post relates to failure/rejection in saying that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up so much for us failures because the girl has agency too (shocker!).

This Too Shall Pass: Why You Have to Push Through the Good Times and the Bad Times In this post I highlight how whether you get good or bad reactions, most of them end up being a “No” in one way or the other. I’ve found that getting laid is more a function of time than the number of sets I do or how intense my sessions are.

The Bank Of Vibe: An Analogy To Make You A Happier Person This post highlights that your vibe is a finite resource. We can’t simply approach forever until we reach a set of glory. Instead we need to rest and recuperate. Again: getting laid is more a function of time, and so we’ll naturally go through periods of “failure” where things aren’t going our way.

In One Ear, Out the Other: Staying Positive in a Cynical World This post is about storing up the good thoughts, and letting out the bad ones. In order for failure/rejection to be water off of a duck’s back we have to let go of it as soon as we can.

I hope those posts come in handy, and I recommend checking out the category to read more posts of that nature.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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