The Bank Of Vibe: An Analogy To Make You A Happier Person

Today’s post is just a short, simple analogy which you can put in your back pocket and take with you as you go.

Imagine that your vibe is inside a bank account. You can make deposits and withdrawals. You sometimes pay fees. You can dip into your overdraft. You can get a loan. Fun stuff, I know.

Every time you leave the house you have a balance. Do a good set and your vibe compounds. The balance increases. Do a bad set and your account is debited. The balance drops. As you walk step after step, mile by mile, your balance slowly declines with your energy. Keep going until your balance hits zero. Receive a once-off loan or dip into your overdraft through listening to music, having a snack or drinking a coffee. That gives you some extra legs.

The great thing about vibe is that it compounds. Hitting those “easy targets” (as Krauser called them in Infinite) builds on what you already have. They make a small balance a little bit bigger, but a big balance a lot bigger. Those little quips you make to staff in cafes and shops really do add up.

Krauser says just do it while you’re Daygaming. I recommend going beyond that. I say do it all the time. Daygame or not. It can be as small as saying “how’s it going?” to the cashier or “good morning” to a bus driver. We know that causation can flow both ways. Our actions affect our psychology and vice versa. So by just pretending to be an upbeat person for a few sentences each day can put you on the path to becoming one.

That’s because those small moments compound. Don’t think it’s silly to start doing that today just because the impact is very small. It’s all about the long game. Consider it an investment.

You can do the same thing with a little smile, even just to yourself, here and there. You’ll be surprised at how much that can change your mood. The same goes for tapping the beat of the song you’re listening to. Do these things even if you’re not feeling it. Trust the fact that causation can flow both ways.

These little positive injections along with great sleep and a healthy diet will contribute to your long term vibe. That means having a higher balance every time you leave the house. And in the long run you can stop faking it and actually make it to being a positive and charismatic man.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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