The Wedge and the Homeless Man Principle

Today’s post is another shining example of my sick drawing skills and links back to a couple of recent posts: “Does Game Work?” and Midwest’s “Indoor Daygame Guide Review.” Have a read of those before continuing here.

And here it is: my Mona Lisa. Here’s what’s going on in the drawing: the line represents the girl’s interest, from 0 – 10. 0-5 represents a No girl (the red zone), 5-8 represents a Maybe girl (the yellow zone), and 8-10 represents a Yes girl (the green zone). I think that where a girl sits is 99% decided within the first 10 seconds of you meeting her, and, what counts as optimal Game, depends on where she sits. The inverted black triangle is something I’ll call “The Wedge,” which we’ll talk about today.

The Wedge is anything which drives girls towards the two poles (it polarises). If you dress in a very peacocky fashion, that drives a wedge into the interest line, pushing her closer towards the two poles: 10 (DTF) or 0 (“get away from me now” or ghosting you). Or if you escalate fast, that’s another wedge. Polarisation is a good term but I’ve used the term “wedge” for today since it gives us a visual cue of digging into the interest line and pushing girls towards either end.

And this is how this links into my post on “Does Game Work?” In that post I asked whether we were actively influencing a girl’s decision making or whether we are just signalling, and then the girl is opening the door to the next stage of the seduction. Well, when we approach, it’s a lot like the first line in the diagram, where the girl filters herself out if she is a No, by either blowing you out, instantly telling you she has a boyfriend, starting to shuffle around you to leave, or any other IODs (and that’s where the link to Midwest’s guide comes in). The approach is the beginning of the filtering process, in this case.

Similarly if she’s a Maybe girl, then you’re going to have to use more finesse (the second line). You can’t escalate fast, because if you insert that wedge somewhere further up the interest scale – let’s say an 8, but her interest is only a 6/10 – then you’re going to drive her towards 0. Which is why you have to send out those probes (e.g. a text which could be construed as sexual, but it’s up to her) and small incidental touches which let you know where she is and allows you to subtly shift her towards a 10/10 interest.

Lastly, if she’s a Yes girl – the green zone – then typically applied Game goes out the window: “don’t sell past yes.” Yes girls like being IOI’d and you can move them towards 10 quicker. If she likes you, then you don’t want her to feel unsure of that. Better to just have a positive spiral of enthusiasm from meet to lay.

Lastly, I want to touch on the “Homeless Man Principle.” In a lot of my recent posts, I’ve been trying to speak from the girl’s point of view by asking you to imagine what it’s like when you’re approached by a homeless guy who just won’t let up. In this case, your interest is below a 5/10 (in giving him money or whatever) but he persists. This is what a girl feels like when she’s IOD’ing you but you’re one-more-thing-before-you-go-ing her into oblivion, or doing the old walk-and-talk (if she’s interested then she’ll stop for you). Keep the Homeless Man Principle in mind while approaching and you’ll save yourself and the girl some time and vibe. At a broader level I’m asking you to remember that everything has a cost.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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