#78: Natural Born Killer

I was out with Kaiser after a stroke of good luck with the weather. It had been threatening to rain all day and the forecast was ominous. Suddenly, around 5pm, the rain cleared away, and so we met at Oxford Circus.

Given the dark clouds overhead I wanted to get my sets done and out of the way. It was going to be a shorter session – I had myself down for four to seven sets – and I got started straight away. I approached. Polite blowout. I left with a smile on my face knowing I was already a quarter of the way towards my minimum.

We walked a few more steps and then I saw Helen coming towards us. Very tall, over six feet. 29 years old, though she’d kept her youth well. Dark hair and eyes. Greek. A seven. I gave her laser eye contact as she walked towards us and tried to get an IOI off of her, which she gave. That was all the cue I needed, and so I headed back up the road to stop her.

Before I’d even wheeled around in front she was smiling. The set was very flirtatious. Not much comfort at all. She got on board with my tease straight away (some silly talk about her brown leather jacket not matching her dress) and once we’d dealt with that she encouraged me to guess where she was from. I went for the number close after a few minutes of talking and she asked whether she could trust me.

“Look at me and tell me what you think,” I said.

She thought for a moment, and then said, “you look dangerous.”

A couple of hours later I sent my feeler and she responded very quickly. We had the date set up before I went to sleep that night.

We met a few days later and it was plain sailing. We had a few drinks. I encouraged her to sit closer. She made a joke of it but did. Kissed her around the end of the first drink. We played the Questions Game over the second. I did my usual thing of making the bounce home part of the game:

“So, my turn: do you want to have a drink at mine, or we can have another drink here first.”

Usually the girl decides to have another drink at the bar first, which is fine by me, and it’s what she opted for. It gives me the opportunity to appear to make a concession before bouncing home. We had one more drink and left.

Outside the bar was where the “LMR” happened. We walked a few paces – clearly not back towards the station – and she stopped. She said we should walk to a different area. I smiled and said if we carried on walking this way, we would get there. She countered, saying it was the other way. Well, the earth is round and so eventually we’d make it there if we go this way, I blathered. She continued a few more paces down the road and stopped again. I corralled her forward.

We got back to my place. +1.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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