2020 – 2021: My Year in Review

It might be odd to be reading a “year in review” post in July, but hey, I’m a weird guy and I do weird things… Last year I decided to start measuring my Daygame year starting on July 1st rather than the traditional calendar year. That was mainly because it would stop me from trying to get “one more lay” before the end of the year, at one of the worst times to be Daygaming. It’s colder and less enjoyable during December plus I typically have other Christmas commitments which would get in the way of Daygame and dating. Instead, I thought, it would be much better to finish halfway through the year, where, if I wanted one, it would be much more enjoyable to push for that “one more lay.”

Onto the results themselves: eight lays from Daygame, but since I could only Daygame for eight months of the year due to lockdowns, that meets my target (one lay per month). Though I wasn’t counting my stats, I don’t think I was doing any more sets than I usually would, and so I think my A:L of 50:1 is accurate; perhaps that’s a better sign than just “consistent” anyway since that ratio is stable even with us paying the COVID tax.

Speaking of COVID, and lockdowns, it was good to take a proper break from Daygame. And not just a couple of weeks off, maybe a month at most, which I’ve taken before. I didn’t Daygame between March and July of 2020, and not between November and March of 2021. It meant that when I came back to the Game that I could notice how far I’ve come. This is why I recommend guys starting Daygame to continue approaching through their first winter, but then to take a break when they reach their second one. Taking that break is almost like going to sleep and having everything rested and everything categorised in your head, so that when you come back, you’re fresh and have a better perspective.

The other benefit of the lockdown was that I could continue to emphasise my diet, without too many off-plan days. Now, I think that Daygaming and dieting is perfectly workable, as I proved myself, but if there are no dates to go on it certainly is easier to eat within your calorie limit. Overall, as readers will certainly know by now, I lost over 70 lbs and got down to 12% bodyfat. I recommend guys at least try to hit 15% just to see the change in their lives and results. Game and looks matter, a huge huge amount. And even if you completely disregard the impacts on your results, you’re going to feel a lot better and be much healthier.

That links into how much I’m enjoying Daygame right now. I feel less hot as I walk around, and I can Daygame for longer, with the same amount of energy. That’s the physiological side. On the psychological side, I don’t find Daygame to be a grind at all. In fact, I’m really enjoying it. I tell everyone I can that I see Daygame as a reward. Just think about how we’re lucky not to have some physical or mental impairment that stops us from doing it. And that we live in a city where it’s possible. Daygame is something to look forward to, not dread. This has given me a real drive to approach, and I’m doing more sets than I ever have. I think part of that is that becoming a full-time coach is looming on the horizon and I want certain things to be in place before that happens.

As far as my plans for the coming year, I will continue to Daygame regularly, with another break somewhere in the winter (of yet undecided length), and to post here regularly. In fact, I have put out three posts a week, now, for the past 15 weeks. That has meant many more coaching enquiries coming my way and with each one I build on my belief that the business will be a success. My plan was to have enough cash saved up for two years’ worth of living expenses which would form the “angel investment” for the business. It looks like I’ve been saving so well that I’ll actually have more than two years worth by the time I quit my 9-5.

I’m counting down the months now until I quit my job and it’s an understatement to say I’m mentally absent at work! All the petty bureaucracy is really wearing on me and I’m excited to get out. All told, I am extremely excited about leaving and starting a new chapter in my life.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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2 thoughts on “2020 – 2021: My Year in Review

  1. I’ve noticed with a lot of daygame “gurus”/bloggers etc in days gone by that once their game gets to a consistent and competent level they quit their (normally) well paid jobs to either jaunt around the world daygaming or start coaching/selling daygame related produce or start a remote business. Seems to have happened to you too now brother and I wish you the best! Lucky bastard 😉

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