Guest Lay Report: Brazilian Bang

Today’s post is a guest lay report by a guy – let’s call him Kevin – who I had a Skype call and a day’s coaching with last year (his testimonial is here). What I really like about Kevin is his honesty, his determination to succeed, and his organisation (all of which contributed to him receiving his gift from the Daygame gods). That last one might sound a little underwhelming, but it is so, so important. Kevin sends me his progress and we chat from time to time about how he’s doing and what he’s learned and it keeps him accountable.

If you’re interested in coaching then please send me a message via the link above. Otherwise let’s enjoy Kevin’s report!


Sometimes the Daygame gods are extremely generous and reward Daygamers with YES girls. I am an Eastern European Daygamer living in one of the largest cities in the UK. I consider myself as intermediate. I started Daygame five years ago in England and then continued it upon return to my country. However, the combination of COVID lockdown projects in a small Muslim-populated town, and the dead winter season, meant I actively Daygamed only two years. I did up to 2000 approaches and got 17 lays. Since I returned to the UK, I decided to go all the way down the rabbit hole and master my Daygame skills.

It was the 4th of January. Despite being shocked by uncle Tom’s death, I was doing my scheduled 10 approach mission. In order to keep momentum, I do 25-30 approaches per week.

I spotted a slow-walking, olive-skinned brunette girl, who gave me massive IOI. I approached her, delivered my opener and stacked: “I’ve noticed your arctic coat… makes me think that you’re living somewhere closer to the North Pole… playing with polar bears and penguins.” She laughed and said, “hahaha, no I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo.”

Given my strong knowledge in geography, ethnology and culture I immediately teased her: “Oh, Sao Paolo is well-known by the graffiti subculture. I bet you have painted some graffiti on the walls of private property.” She laughed and at the same time shocked by my knowledge and said “oh, how do you know.”

After a minute of conversation, she said “sorry, I have to catch my bus but you can take my number if you want.” It was a good sign, indicating her interest in meeting me. Based on my previous experience, all the girls who had offered their phone numbers first ended up in various degrees of intimacy with me ranging from make out to sex.

She responded to my feeler enthusiastically and was calling me every evening. We arranged the first date for Sunday in early January. My first venue was the bright Latin American bar. On the one hand, I knew she was a YES girl, but on the other hand, I was worried about how notoriously flaky Latinas are. She came 20 minutes late. And then I saw a complete makeover. She was dressed very hot. Despite being 42 years old, she looked like she was in her early 30s (He sent me the pictures and I can confirm – TC). She had very smooth skin, decent boobs and well-trained and large Brazilian bumbum (“ass” in Brazilian Portuguese). She was extremely flirtatious, playful and was responding well to my kino escalation.

As soon as we finished the first drink, I took her to the second venue, which was a dark underground bar with a seductive atmosphere. On our way to the bar, I used my line ‘that’s my secret place… where I take my victims.’ She laughed and said with her Brazilian accent ‘hm, am I your vitima? Nooo, you my vitima!’ She sat beside me and the magic began. Kino became more intensive. She rejected my first kiss attempt. On my second attempt, she grabbed my neck and kissed me passionately. It was followed by dirty talks and conversations about domination in bed. I offered her to play a questions game, but she said it was boring and instead, offered me to ask her whatever I was interested in. After several innocent questions, I asked ‘on the scale of one to ten how wet are you now?’, she responded ‘only ten? No, it’s more! It’s like Amazonas river.’

She was on! When I realized she was in the kill-zone, I proposed to go to watch Black Mirror at mine. Initially, she declined my offer. Then I used my line: ‘Look, I know you have to be back home. I promise that I will never initiate sex with you in my place unless you beg me for that persistently.’ After several minutes of contemplation she agreed and said ‘oh, ok, you’re crazy man.’ This was my first encounter with a Latin American woman and I realised she was very different from her Eastern European counterparts. Although both share a high degree of femininity, my Brazilian lead had the highest sexual drive I’ve ever seen.

We went to mine by Uber and jumped on my bed immediately. After 5 minutes, we stopped watching Black Mirror and started snogging passionately. She took my shirt off and started sucking my dick. But… she was on period and we didn’t have sex that day. Damn.

A few days later I proposed a new date, but that week she was working on the night shift, so we couldn’t meet. Eventually, we arranged a date for a Wednesday evening. She invited me to go to a Brazilian restaurant and I considered it as her willingness to introduce to me Brazilian cuisine, rather than a classic Russian/Ukrainian restaurant provider date.

She was still 20 minutes late, but right from the beginning, I realised that she was on. She was dressed hotter than on the first date. After we ate Brazilian barbeque I said ‘let’s go to mine’ and she followed me immediately. Zero LMR, zero resistance, zero bullshit. We’ve ended up having great sex.

In the post-sex interview, she said that she wanted to fuck me right after being approached, but was cautious about dating strangers. She discussed that issue with her friend and she encouraged her to go out with me. She agreed to be my regular and ok with me doing Daygame. And finally, she is curious about a threesome in case I find a suitable girl. Given my strict and honest evaluation criteria of my leads, I would rate her as 6. This is my second lay this year (my Daygame year starts on the 1st of September). I’m not sure if I will manage to accomplish my goal of 12 Daygame lays by September 2022, but this lay will give me an invaluable experience, sense of abundance and boost my Inner Game.

Lessons learned from this lay:

  • Not everything is in our control. Friends, public opinion and ‘common sense’ can have an impact on girls decision of meeting a guy who approached her in the street. In my case, there was a positive impact from her friend. But, many other girls might have been discouraged by their friends. So, that might be the reason of girls flaking and ghosting on us in spite of a great sexual conversation in the street.
  • The more you work on your SMV, the higher the chance of meeting YES girls.
  • Always approach a girl after an IOI
  • Although the Daygamer should be seeking to get laid with girls younger and hotter than him, sometimes it’s good to sacrifice the former

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