Teasing Up and Down (A Particularly American Problem)

Today I wanted to write a short post fleshing out a concept I mentioned in a recent Twitter thread on opening:

I thought of this last year while winging with an American Daygamer. This seems to be a particular problem for Americans because their culture is much nicer – on the surface – than in England. It’s all about great service and greater tips in their bars and restaurants. And who can forget the great Hollywood smile! The problem is that when this translates to the street they can’t tease very well. They can come across as needy. Supplicating. The frame they’re setting is “let me perform and please like me.” They don’t quite get the English concept that you would call your friend a “nice c*nt.”

They’re always “teasing up:” bigging the person up with their teases. In reality they should be fractionating between teasing up and down. A mixture of bigging the person up and putting them down, but in a fun way.

Take “nice c*nt,” for example: it’s fractionating between good and bad words. It conveys the frame that the guy has his foibles – like everyone does – but we like him anyway. Just remember that this absolutely should not be a neg. There has to be balance to it so the person knows you’re not insulting them. If you come in too hard during the day and neg then the girl is simply going to walk around you. It’s not like it’s a nighttime environment where you have to try and get the girl to wonder if you like her. In rough terms Daygame uses more Good Faith Game whereas Nightgame uses more Bad Faith Game. To learn more on that then look up Krauser’s Play Or Be Played Womaniser’s Bible podcast on YouTube.

Here’s the example I gave in the thread to show what I mean:

Imagine @MrWhiteDaygame walks into a bar (ouch) and he’s just trained arms.

Teasing up example: woah mate, watch out with those guns! When are you entering the Olympia again?

Teasing down example: woah mate, how much tren did it take to build those?

Now here’s an example you might give on the street to a girl with lots of shopping bags:

Teasing up example: so many shopping bags… you’ll set a world record today!

Teasing down example: so many shopping bags… are you maxing out daddy’s credit cards today?

Better yet would be to combine them and continue to fractionate between teasing up and down:

“So many shopping bags… you’ll set a world record today!… or perhaps you “borrowed” daddy’s credit card and you’re trying to get back at him… either way you must be quite strong to carry all of these [opportunity to kino and playfully squeeze her bicep].”

Here’s the polar bear example I gave during the Twitter thread:

“(TU:) Yeah, like a little polar bear… (TD:) You’re very far from home. Did you get lost?… (TU:) Or perhaps on a polar bear’s holiday… (TD:) I hope you have your sunscreen with you… (TU:) And you saved up enough Polar Bucks to spend at all the London tourist attractions.”

As you can see all the teases are flitting around that 5/10 level. If a 10/10 was “you’re beautiful” and 1/10 was “you’re disgusting” these are all bouncing between 4.5 to 5.5 / 10.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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3 thoughts on “Teasing Up and Down (A Particularly American Problem)

  1. one of your best posts yet imo, but i would add one caveat. american girls in my experience are way more sexually open than british girls. as in, if they want to bang, they will be very forward. british girls are way more complex. you really don’t need to neg etc american girls, low effort is way better – it’s better to keep it simple with them; keep the compliments and good vibes flowing. spring break baby


  2. also, another thing…america is way more of an ‘alpha male’ catered society. women and men both celebrate jocks. more men are loud; extroverted, charismatic etc: if a girl is feeling you, she just wants compliments and drinks before you validate her with sex.

    england hates alpha males (look at our prime minister) and is beta to the bone. men are expected to be humble; polite, quiet; and most importantly to never stand out. women are aware of this and that’s why it’s so much more complex than being high status and confident. beta males tend to do better here (unless in a nightclub)


    1. “men are expected to be humble, polite, quiet”
      You have clearly never been to Essex my friend 😉

      P.s. as I said before this is not a place for you to work out your thoughts. Start your own blog (I won’t approve your two follow up mega comments)


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