Coaching Review and Update

This week’s post is a bit of a mish-mash of topics (and yes it is an upsell).

I’ve been unplugged from the nine to five-trix for over three months now (links here and here) and I wanted to say thank you to everyone. To everyone who hired me for coaching. Everyone who bought one of my books. Everyone who followed me on Twitter. To everyone who reads this blog. To my friends, family and wings who supported me with this decision. Thank you for helping to make my dream a reality.

I really enjoy coaching and hearing my students’ kind words afterwards. Here is a recent testimonial from Mike which I really enjoyed reading:

Having spent 2 afternoon sessions with Tom, I can definitely say that I found the time extremely valuable.

I’ve done some daygame before so I wasn’t completely new to it but after having a few years off there were definitely some nerves there.

Tom is an extremely calming presence but he knows how to push you the right way when he knows you have it in you. He’s also not afraid to demonstrate what he knows and I personally found it extremely useful as you can see that he genuinely knows what he is talking about.

What I found most useful is how he will gradually push you through barriers as the session goes on; couple of early sets to loosen up, then add the mic, then work on tangible tips to improve.

He also sent a great review doc after the fact of things to remember and work on, which again was really useful.

Thanks Tom!

One of the hidden benefits of coaching is that my students give me lots of opportunities to think. They ask the questions which I might take for granted and so I have to work on answers which are practical and actionable. One thing I disliked when I was a beginner and lower intermediate was when I read blaise statements like “feel your masculine essence” and “create emotional states.” I agree with these statements in principle but they are not a good starting point for a guy to learn from. If he knew those things already he wouldn’t need coaching. I try to think what would I need to hear if I were him? I’m always looking for ways to improve my coaching and you benefit from that.

Send me a message via the contact form in the link below if you’re interested in coaching. You can find all the details about what it entails there too.


Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

6 thoughts on “Coaching Review and Update

  1. wow. It’s insane how much these pua’s charge. i was hoping to have done some training based on being able to pay what i wanted., when i emailed last year


      1. I can;t should have done anything. You say ” honestly way below what the coaching is really worth”. Is that your opinion or what? There is a cost of living crisis. I didn’t know you would start charging alot of money for training.


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