Vacuuming Nickels

Shout out to all the financiers out there who understand the reference.

The title of this posts refers to the infamous, bust, hedge fund Long Term Capital Management. Myron Scholes, one of the founders and managers, famously said that their investment strategy would function “as if it were vacuuming nickels that others couldn’t see”. Whereas he was referring to international financial arbitrage, I’m talking about street pickup.

I’ve often related to Mazz that Daygame in winter is akin to vacuuming nickels. You rarely see any other Daygamers, meaning that any hot girl walking the streets is yours. It feels like your own personal playground, which ties in nicely with the “that others couldn’t see” part of the quote.

This concept works on another level as well. LTCM’s strategy was based on rational financial markets, and in the long run, markets must always bow to logic and reason. That’s why they said “nickels”. It was because they were sucking up all the little risk premia they could find all over the world. Their problem was that they couldn’t stay afloat long enough to be proved correct. At some point girls will need to leave their warm environments and brave the streets for something, and who should they run into but Mr Crown. As long as you’re there for sufficient time, you will find sets. The welcome difference though is that if you can’t wait it out, not much bad will come your way.

That leads onto the point that as a Daygamer you’re anti-fragile (read the book by Taleb and watch Krauser’s Womanizer’s Bible). You welcome volatility because of the natural floor of your results: she simply doesn’t give you her number. In a cold environment, there’s more volatility because you either overwhelm her hurried frame (hence giving you stronger leads), or you don’t.

There’re some more pros to Daygame in winter, so whip out your Henrys and start sucking.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

3 thoughts on “Vacuuming Nickels

  1. I like this post… I kept waiting for you to say “it’s not worth it.” I love that you never did.

    I will be back in Tokyo in a couple of weeks… it is near freezing every evening this time of year. Tokyo is bustling, and even on very cold evenings, the streets are packed with cute girls.

    Last year, as I daygamed the sidewalks for Tokyo, I kept a cup of tea on my hands most of the time, to suck up the heat. It would warm my hands and the steam would warm my face. Good solution.

    The problem was… I drank a lot of tea. It forced my route to essentially ping between two different places to piss… daygaming along the way, and hitting Starbucks sometimes 3 times per session. But it worked.

    It was a great trip.


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