Can Vibe-Free Pickup Exist?

It’s cold as hell, but I’ve set up at my little exam hall style desk with a mug of hot black coffee and the radiator on next to me. The golden brown crema sits lazily on top and steam laconically drifts up into air, filling my nostrils with rich notes of chocolate and creativity. Contrast to that image is the music jumping out of my speakers; the band is called Protest the Hero, a progressive metal band who use lots of time signature changes and technical guitar playing. How does this relate to pickup?

I’ve recently been writing about hormones and how they relate to Daygame. I’ve covered dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins in blog posts, and oxytocin in a podcast. Now let’s loop back to the music.

The first time you hear any Protest the Hero song you will be left very confused, because none of their songs are structured like your regular pop song. Often it will sound like a new song every minute, using a variety of riffs, sometimes introducing a motif which is reprised at the end. As humans, we don’t enjoy this, because we enjoy our expectations being met. When our expectations are met, you get a dopamine release (finding what you seek i.e. your expectation).

Pop music is named as such because people have a set of expectations which are subsequently met, inducing the dopamine release. However, since humans need bigger and better finds this happy feeling from pop music fades away quickly needing to be replaced by a new song. With this post I want to challenge some ideas, play devil’s advocate, and hopefully not trigger a dopamine release in you because your expectations won’t be met.

Go read/listen to the posts/podcasts and you’ll see some ways that Daygame spikes these happy hormones. Today I’m going to posit that vibe free pickup may be impossible to achieve.

When name PUAs talk about vibe free Daygame then I believe that technically they’re actually referring to state-free Daygame. That is, you don’t have to do social freedom exercises beforehand or pump your energy levels by bouncing from set to set, stoking your mood with caffeine. If that is what they are referring to, then I completely agree. In fact, I believe that this shows low self-esteem because you’re literally trying to big yourself up to feel that you’ll have any shot at success.

On another technical note, Daygame doesn’t work without the vibing stage, where you’re imposing your frame on the girl, for good or ill, depending on how you’re feeling that day. Vibe can be managed in the long term, mainly through good health and staying away from negativity. It can also be stoked in the short term through simply being happy. This is the main axiom of my argument: that vibing is a vital part of pickup to build attraction, that good vibe i.e. happiness is required, and that happiness, at a reductionist level, is the positive feeling we get from a release of hormones. Therefore, only state-free pickup is possible because we all have long term vibe management strategies and daily hormonal releases. And why wouldn’t you want to harness vibe considering it’s potency?

Next let’s introduce the fact that hormone releases decrease over time unless you induce a larger stimulus, and that there is a natural endpoint at which the marginal stimulation isn’t worth it. A couple of examples:

The caffeine in coffee causes your body to release cortisol (stress) which then leads to an endorphin release (euphoria); remember that endorphins are the hormone you release when you are in pain. You then enjoy this happy feeling during your Daygame session. Gradually, your tolerance to caffeine increases, less endorphins are released, and the happy feeling is muted. At some point, drinking another cup isn’t worth it beyond the enjoyment of taste (which also decreases over time).

Another example, is the dopamine release I believe you get when you read new Game material. Each time you read a new textbook or learn about a new tool, you hit the streets with the happy feeling that you’ve been able to improve your skillset. Having learned more, you’re likely to be better, but part of your results stems from being happy and having a good vibe. The end point for this is where there are no new materials to learn from.

Tying this all together: vibe is vital for Daygame, and a good vibe is dependent on the concoction of happy hormones your body releases. Our genes have created bodies which incentivise us to be happy, because it increases the chances that our genes are passed on; part of this strategy is that you need bigger and better stimuli to reach the same level of happiness. Therefore vibe-free pickup cannot exist because we are in a perpetual race against ourselves to be happy, and this feeling manifests itself during the vibing stage of Daygame. Happiness is attractive because it reflects success in propagating genes.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown



I was going to include this section in the main body of the text but I thought that the last paragraph provided an elegant way to conclude my argument. This section gets even more mindwanky (although I would contend that I always tie back to the material world in my arguments), and presents the hypothetical counter-factual.

What if you literally had no vibe at all? That would mean that you were neither happy nor sad which is not possible for humans. Our body’s race for happiness ensures that if you’re not happy, you’re irritated via stress. It would mean that you had nothing but indifference to project onto the girl, and from my Daygame apprenticeship gained from opening unremarkable girls, “meh” is incredibly ineffective. Vibe-free pickup would be more like, vibe-free-mundane-conversation.

To reach this stage you would have had to exhaust all of the hormonal pathways such that stimulating them again was not worth it (marginal benefit is less than marginal cost). You would literally have no ability to be happy.

Again, even if this stage was physically possible, there would be no pickup happening.


It just occurred to me that it would be possible to be unhappy, and still run effective pickup. If you’re projecting an unhappy vibe, it might be that a girl with low self-esteem would be attracted to you because your actions are lining up to her world view (thus giving her a dopamine hit! 😉 ).

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