Girls From “X” Are The Hardest Girls

Another day, another drink. Today, it’s gin and tonic, and I’m ready to lay your mum the world to rights; as Hemingway said: “write drunk and edit sober”. Rewind twenty minutes ago, and I was on the toilet, where most of my inspiration comes from. I was thinking about how everyone complains about how girls from their home country are the hardest, how half of my (plentiful) Daygame lays are with English girls, and how to dispel that myth.

  1. Girls from other countries are self-selecting as adventurous

If someone moves to another country to study, travel, work, etc. they are going to be more adventurous than their peers. That means that when you meet the girl studying English in London for a month, she’s probably more up for fast sex due to her personality. Not only that but girls tend to travel when they’re younger, which is our target market.

  1. To domestic girls, you’re more viable as a boyfriend

Not only are you of acceptable ethnic background for her parents (people normally end up marrying others from the same country and race), you’re also going to be in the same place for the foreseeable future. Add that to the fact that beginner Daygame advice is to filter for Yes girls and build reference experiences through D2 lays. You walk in expecting to bounce her back that evening, and she expects two or three dates before the obligatory duty fuck. It culminates in a lot of domestic girls who have their expectations violated. Thus you spend your apprenticeship reinforcing the belief that domestic girls are in some way more prudish than other nations’.

  1. Scarcity equals value

If you’re traveling or she’s only in town for a few days, weeks, months, etc. then you have scarcity working in your favour. You’re used to interacting with girls where there’s a scarcity, but she’s not. It’s a novel experience for her, and she’ll naturally chase you more, successfully flipping the script.

  1. Girls are girls

96% of our DNA is the same as chimpanzees (or at least according to the first Google search result). No matter the true %, it’s pretty clear that we’re amazingly similar to our ancestors. Given that’s the case, how different do you think an English girl is from a Russian? I understand how the lifestyle choices of western women leads them to, on average, look worse (fashion and diets), but you don’t have attraction to someone for them, it’s for the potential child. You’re working out whether you want to mix your genes with theirs and so lifestyle choices can be altered throughout the generations. For example, a girl who overate and was chubby might have a perfectly skinny daughter. That leads on to…

  1. DNA tug / shininess

Girls from other countries will be naturally drawn to you because of the opportunity to mix gene pools. That leads to a healthier child. Given that they have a greater interest in you for your genes, not your providership, you’re more likely to obtain fast sex. As I noted in point 2, this leads to reference experiences.

Merry Christmas you ugly farts,

Thomas Crown

2 thoughts on “Girls From “X” Are The Hardest Girls

  1. “If someone moves to another country to study, travel, work, etc. they are going to be more adventurous than their peers.”

    That’s my problem. One of my two GF on rotation, BlueEyes, the older one (26, the other is 25) will spend January with a business english class (and to forget me, as she doesn’t like to be on rotation. So a perfect target for daygamers): – guess where? London.
    I’m still not sure how to implement my spy mic into her gear, her bag or shoes – I want to record the set when she gets opened by some of your bloody bastards.
    I thought about telling her some rape horror stories about guys who approach her on the street and think she looks French. But you should not shit where you eat, so I’m still thinking…


    1. Well maybe it ends up being me and you can get some free tips 😉 in all reality don’t pester her with messages when she’s away. Make her cum before she goes if you have time. Lastly, hint at your preselection so she thinks about you when she’s gone.


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