Christmas Day Shenanigans

The Christmas tree twinkled in its glorious plasticity while Crown lay back, phone in hand, espresso in the other. “Merry Christmas, I hope you’ve been good for Santa ;)”, he tapped, before copying, pasting, and seeing where the pieces fell…

Credit Torero for the naughty Christmas ping idea, and that’s exactly what I did. Dead leads, girls I’d pumped and dumped, old regulars who dropped off, current regulars (who admittedly got something specific to them), and current leads. Of the 26 pings that went out, here’s how it went:

13 lost their minds and didn’t reply! (Although, one of these girls is a current lead and we seem to have settled into a one message a day rhythm while she’s away)

6 replied with pleasant enough answers but nothing worth following up on.

6 came back with more engaged answers:

  • One of them was a dead lead and we shared a little back and forth but she was about to board a plane to see her family. Trying to build momentum with her won’t be worth much energy even though she does live in the UK so I’ll try a photo ping tomorrow and see how it lands.
  • One of them is a temporary regular, and came back with her typical enthusiastic emoticon use, and the other is a current lead who confirmed that she had indeed been on the naughty list. Job done, I’m on their minds.
  • One of them was a pump and dump and we had a nice conversation, but she’s now left the country for good. Fair play.
  • One of them was a pump and dump but lives in Manchester. She has rich parents and I started to formulate a cheeky plan of getting her down to London for NYE to spend it with me, but no dice even though she didn’t have plans yet.
  • One regular replied with callback humour, so she got a absolutely delightful picture of Santa spanking some tart. One thing led to another, and she sends me another naked pic.

And now for the juiciest of all.

During the summer I’d met an 18 year old Ukrainian girl, absolute nympho in the making, who studied in Glasgow, and was spending a month in London. I fucked her and we went on a few dates afterwards since I knew she’d be leaving soon, and this was the first time I’d spoken to her since.

First we bantered back and forth a little, before I told her to send me a picture. This escalated over the course of the day as we traded pictures and I teased out a three part “storytime”: something similar to what Krauser has in the long Game section of Mastery but rather than inserting her into a magical world, I put the magic into her humdrum world. This continued until the evening when I went for, and received, the granddaddy of them all: a four minute video of her squeezing her tits, fingering herself, and moaning my name. Merry Christmas indeed.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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