Daygame Dichotomies: How to Develop Your Own Daygame Style

Today’s post is a simple one which should help you to develop your own Daygame style.

It’s hard to think about building a Daygame style just like it’s hard to do Inner Game work. “Where do I start?” is a question I asked myself a long time ago. I think what helps in these situations are some arbitrary spectrum to place yourself on. For example, while looking at personality, it’s useful to take tests like Myers Briggs. It gives you four spectrum to put yourself along and you can use that as a base to start thinking about just exactly who you are.

This strategy works well for me because, as highlighted by MB, I’m an extroverted thinker. I can have a base of an idea but then need to put it out into the world to see how it matures. In fact, I admire those who can sit at home and work out the perfect idea. I’m not like that, unfortunately, but the upside is that in failing my way to success I get the ball rolling and am a doer. Through the spectrum provided by MB I’ve been able to verbalise this part of my personality.

The process to start thinking about your own Daygame style is simple:

  • First identify a trait, then:
  • Work out the extremes of that trait, before finally:
  • Working out how you fall between those extremes

I recommend thinking of where you fall in an 80/20 fashion. So, for example, one of the traits might be sexual strategy – r/K – and so are you 80% r and 20% K or 20% r and 80% K? In fact, thinking about where you sit between r and K extremes is a very good point to start with; a lot of these examples are just aspects of that trait.

But I want to stress that there’s no correct answer for any of these dichotomies. An easy example to highlight would be whether you’re more extroverted or introverted. An extrovert who Daygames as per the traditional textbooks (which were written by introverts) might find something is off and that they need to change their style. Similarly a lot of Daygame advice tells us to play it cool and never be reactive, but it works for some guys – it’s congruent to them – and some girls enjoy being told off i.e. reactiveness. Some girls react well to some personalities, some better to others. We should find the subset of girls who react well to our unique personalities and find ways to amplify them. Amplification leads to polarisation and leads to a higher perceived SMV in the girl’s eyes. That can lead to faster and hotter lays.

Please leave your ideas in the comment section. Here is a list of dichotomies which you can use to start thinking about your Daygame style.


  • R-selected vs K-selected
  • Fast vs Slow
  • Drunk vs Sober
  • ONS vs LTR
  • SDL vs Third Date Lays
  • Extrovert vs Introvert
  • Discrete vs Continuous
  • Pure Daygame vs Mixed Game
  • Solo Sets vs Group Sets
  • SMV Loading vs Momentum Focused
  • Home vs Jaunt
  • Analytical vs Easygoing
  • Vibe vs Technical
  • Talker vs Listener
  • Physical Emphasis vs Verbal Emphasis
  • Logistical Texter vs Banter Texter
  • Bad Boy vs Nice Guy
  • Ghost vs Flame
  • Badass vs Buddha
  • Hunting vs Fishing
  • Clean vs Dirty
  • Polite vs Rude
  • Reactive vs Stoic
  • Long Sets vs Short Sets
  • Intense vs Laidback
  • Routines vs Natural
  • Cherry Pick Sets vs Spamming Sets
  • Pre-Approach vs “Do you find her attractive in any way?”
  • Set Quality Focus vs Volume Focus
  • Teasing/Joking vs Serious
  • Verbal Dexterity vs Simplicity
  • “Little and Often” vs Abundance
  • Hobby vs Full Time Job
  • Winged vs Solo
  • Polarised Appeal vs Mainstream Appeal
  • Local Girls vs Tourists
  • Domestic Girls vs Foreign Girls
  • Slim vs Curvy
  • Emotional vs Aloof
  • Hot vs Cold
  • Sessions vs Always On
  • Romantic vs Pragmatic
  • Thinker vs Doer
  • Gamey vs Charismatic
  • Tit For Tat vs Play Or Be Played

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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One thought on “Daygame Dichotomies: How to Develop Your Own Daygame Style

  1. Daygame by day and night vs Daygame only by day Boys

    Who repeat sex with girls vs Boys who do not repeat

    Seasonal Daygamers vs Year-round Daygamers

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