Back in the Saddle, Again (Part 2)

A few months ago I wrote a post about my thoughts on getting back into Daygame. Since the UK has made an important step in easing lockdown today I thought I’d provide another one.

To begin, here are my stats since I started Daygaming again:

  • Sessions: 21
  • Apps: 32
  • #/SM: 11
  • Dates: 2
  • Date Flakes: 1
  • Near Misses: 1
  • Lays: 0

I’m quite happy with that because of the current situation, even though there were no lays. The streets are quite empty and there is still a lot of tension in the air. Sometimes I could see girls becoming nervous in-set, and so, after speaking slowly and calmly to see if it would settle them, would let them go quite easily if they persisted with that body language. I get the impression that the girls who would have liked you pre-Covid are still going to like you now, but that the girls who wouldn’t have liked you would like you less. As always, this only really has an effect at the margins.

For once I’ve been counting the number of sessions that I did (21), which shows that I was doing one or two sets a session, on average. From a qualitative perspective, I did quite a few sessions where I didn’t approach, quite a lot where I did one or two, and on the very rare occasion, a session where I did three to five. Each session of mine was, on average, two and a half hours long, so that clocks in at an estimated 52.5 hours, 262,500 steps taken, and over 20,000 calories burned (if you’re interested!).

I feel that my “little and often” approach paid off as I am happy with those ratios and didn’t feel in the slightest that Daygaming was a chore. I expect those ratios to improve slightly as shops and bars reopen, which should lead to higher volume, more date venues and a higher level of social trust. Also, as I live reasonably close to the shopping area in London, I should be able to reach the Daygame area earlier, allowing me to approach at a better time of day.

In other news, my diet is nearly finished. I have lost over 60 pounds already and have got about 10 pounds to go, of which I think half would be fat and the other half water. I can now easily see a four pack in the mirror and have dropped six inches off of my waist. My scale “reads” my bodyfat percentage at 14.5% and so I’m going to continue to the point where it says 12% (though as I always say, it’s not accurate, and that reading is just for fun). Once my diet is over I’ll put myself in a tiny surplus – around 50 calories a day – and aim to gain six pounds of muscle over the following year. If I experience slow weight gain, together with strength gains, then I’m confident it will nearly all be additional muscle.

And in very important news, Dead! – my Daygame textbook – is now written, edited and formatted. It will be released on Friday at 2pm GMT. The price is £20 and it is in PDF format. The total word count is just over 70,000 (100 A4 pages, font size 10, fyi). I felt a massive rush of adrenaline in hitting save for the final time and am excited to put it on sale.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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