#76: Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

I was winging with Mr White recently, just as lockdown lifted, and we were near Covent Garden. It was refreshing to see so many people walking about. Compared to just one week before, the volume seemed ten times heavier.

I saw Jane walking up towards the station – tall (5”10’), slim, well dressed, 25 years old, from Chi-nah, a seven, let’s call her Jane – and turned to Mr White and said “cheeky Asian coming towards us.” I let her go ahead for a few seconds more while I ummed and ahhed about approaching. She hadn’t seen us at all and so it would be a completely cold approach. Eventually I decided to do the set and gave chase, opening her on Long Acre.

I surprised her at first, but then quickly got in front of her, came in very close and spoke slowly. I complimented her on her dress sense – or some such nonsense – and she returned the favour. I told her that I had been to Chi-nah (true story), about ten years ago, and that the people there had taken pictures of me.

“Because you are very good looking?” Jane posited.

“Well, sure… but I think moreso because of the hair,” I replied, gesturing to my head.

Out of nowhere, her friend arrived, so I acknowledged her and asked for her name, saying it was nice to meet her, before turning back to Jane and saying we should swap numbers and have a drink sometime. The friend walked off, politely, and so I took Jane’s number.

The texting was straightforward; the bigger problem was finding somewhere to actually have a drink. I eventually managed to book a table for 9pm. Something interesting did happen over messaging, though, in that I spiked sexually in response to one of her messages, and her reply simply asked “where do you live?” I summed up my options and decided to play it safe: sometimes girls can instigate these kinds of thirst traps to see if you can resist. Whether she was asking in good faith or not, I decided against trying to invite her over that evening, in the knowledge that when/if she came on the date she knew we’d be meeting near mine.

I met Jane at the station and she was dressed up to match me. I greeted her, led her to the bar where I had the booking, escalated smoothly, kissed her easily and then started the Questions Game. It turned out she was a dirty birdy and it didn’t take long for me to add two and two together. She’d come to meet me hoping to get laid. I very quickly offered the bounce to mine and she accepted.


I think I’d got the lay within an hour and a half of meeting her. In the PSI I found out that she hadn’t had sex for four months.


Before signing off I want to talk for a little bit about sets. It’s something that I think about a lot: should I do a little, or a lot? Is it worth drawing down on my vibe – throwing myself under some buses – in exchange for more lays? I think a lot of it comes from the fact that in my first year I always did 10 sets in each session, which is understandable as I was learning Daygame. Then I started doing much fewer sets because I was working on my pre-approach Game. What’s interesting to me here is that this is a case of a set which I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t pushing myself to do a few more sets that day. Perhaps there was some pre-approach calibration coming in there in that I got a sense to approach, rather than an explicit signal like an IOI, but it certainly was out of the ordinary.

So I’m starting to think and try to work out what’s the optimal amount of sets to push oneself into during a session. In the past it was 10 sets, but that sounds like loads, now. Maybe five sets is the right amount? I tried approaching using a consistent approach rate but I think it ignored the fact that you often do your sets in a flurry. Rather than five sets spread evenly over two and a half hours, it’s more like three of those five come in one 30-40 minute period just as the adrenaline kicks in, with the rest coming sporadically. Right now I’m trialling giving myself some aims for each session such as two sets for a quiet day, three for a moderate day, and four for a longer day.

Part of this thought pattern comes from a video I watched recently about “tactical periodisation” in football, in the way that you train and build up to certain events in micro, meso and macro cycles. In Daygame terms this would be your work rate on the day, week and month, respectively. I’ll perhaps write a full length post on this if I have some more thoughts.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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7 thoughts on “#76: Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

    1. I think that in some cultures they expect men to approach and so will stand aside as long as the girl doesn’t eye code that they want saving. Unfortunately with a lot of other cultures the friend will jump in and try to act all “alpha female” and “protect her friend.”

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