Feeling Ill, Short Post (Why Is My Flake Rate So Much Higher These Days)

Why is my flake rate so much higher these days?

I’ve been asked this a few times and have a Skype call booked to go over why a guy’s numbers are more flaky these days. The simple answer is COVID, but guys don’t seem to be appreciating how much an effect this can have on a girl’s willingness to come out. I guess that guys don’t like knowing that something like this is out of their control.

Your Game can be just the same as it was pre-COVID and you’re still going to pay the COVID tax somehow, whether that’s through a greater proportion of numbers not responding outright or responding initially and then dropping off. For a girl to come out and meet you means she needs to not be scared of the virus and for there to be no social fallout from her meeting you e.g. a disproving housemate.

Or you’ll feel it implicitly through lower volume on the street meaning less absolute numbers to aim for (leading to a feeling of scarcity), or that by trying to keep your approach volume the same you’re going down the spectrum of girls who are amenable to Daygame and you start approaching more girls with masks on.

For some perspective, in 2019 my approach to lay was about 50:1. This year it is still 50:1, but I’m also about 60 lbs lighter.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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