Oxford Street… Burned?!

I’m late to the party here but… there are a lot of Daygamers on Oxford Street these days! I don’t know if there really are more than ever before, or if it’s just because the amount of people on the street itself hasn’t gone back to the full amount meaning the proportion is higher, but boy, they are everywhere! Another factor is that I don’t usually stop and speak to other Daygamers but some of my wings do, and so they’ve been pointing them out. I guess usually I wouldn’t have even known. Probably with the success of Tusk’s business there are a lot of new Daygamers out as well.

Now, I’m one of the biggest proponents of pick-up being a value exchange and so never fully agreed with a place being “burned.” I figure that if the girl’s celebrity crush approached her then she’d be receptive, no matter how many guys had talked to her that day, and so you simply need to be more attractive for her to stop. There’s also the old adage that women categorise male attention into low value and high value, with her being relatively starved of the latter. Meaning that when he talks to her she lights up in a way she doesn’t for other guys.

But right now I can see the look on some girls’ faces as they’re going down Oxford Street: “please God let me just get to the other side in peace.” These girls are also known as insta-blowouts. I had just this experience recently: I saw a girl with this expression, but she was the kind of girl you rarely see in London, so I felt duty bound to do the set. It’s a catch 22, of course: don’t approach and feel guilty for letting her go; do approach and say with near certainty that you’re going to get blown out. It also happens with alarming frequency (maybe once or twice a week) that I approach a girl and she comments that this “always seems to happen on Oxford Street.”

And it’s not even the calibrated approaches that a girl needs to worry about: one time I saw a Daygamer approach a girl just as she had waved hello to her friend. Once they were about three metres apart he jumped in front of her. Then the friend came up to the girl, they hugged, and walked off. As they walked off the guy called after them “can I get your number?” to which she laughed and of course said “no.”

I didn’t get the sensation that Oxford Street was like this earlier this year, but I guess each area has its own “stamina.” In the summer there are simply more Daygamers and so the area gets worn out, so you have to change your tact. For me that means limiting Oxford Street to the end of a weekday session i.e. after 8pm or early on a weekend session. I hope that will mean coming across a different subset of girls who still have some “stamina” left in them.

I’m happy to take the drop in volume and trade it for better ratios and less blowouts. This leads me onto my point of today: that ratios do actually matter. Even though rejection is like water off a duck’s back for an experienced Daygamer, there are still limits to his resilience. It can all add up, like a tiny interest rate compounding over time, and that puts you in danger of getting into a vicious spiral. So it’s important to keep your rejections at a rate you can handle.

At the end of the day, Oxford Street is a great place to Daygame because of the volume, but it can represent fool’s gold. There are a lot of girls, so naturally there are more good looking ones. Also, you walk along busy streets where people are more likely to look at you as they pass, meaning you’re more likely to misinterpret an IOI. It means you’ll end up going into more sets and in general higher volume requires a better vibe.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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One thought on “Oxford Street… Burned?!

  1. yeah you can spot plenty of daygamers in oxford street has been like it for ages, i rarely go there to daygame i prefer covent garden/southbank/carnaby/soho etc. Of course not as high a volume there but prefer it to the highly saturated oxford street.


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