19/30: Big Five Calibration

Following on from yesterday’s post, let’s try and build some calibration rules of thumb using the big five personality traits. Now, of course you could go fetch a pen and paper, maybe jot down some ideas yourself. Or even just look up into the sky and try to think of some off the top of your own noggin. While many of my readers could, and should do so, there’ll probably be some thickos who cannot. Here goes…

A note before beginning: these traits are split up and analysed as caricatures. Each girl is a mixture of these traits and none of these suggestions are certain to work. In reality, try and judge whether a high is higher or lower than average in the five traits, and adjust accordingly. This can be done once you’ve taken her number and when she responds to the feelers text; I think by that point you have enough information to make an excellent bet. As time progresses you can get better and make a judgement closer and closer to the start.

The first trait I addressed yesterday was openness to experience. This is already a trait that most Daygamers are exploiting when they aim for tourists or “creative” girls. These girls will always be eminently stackable. In fact, by just Daygaming in a city like London, you’re already self-selecting for open girls. Considering their openness will be drawn from aspects such as creativity and intellect, you should focus on the adventure of the whole thing. Flaunt your Englishness and throw in some Hugh Grant Game every now and then, or if you’re not English, then simply emphasise the culture clash. If their English is good enough, you can up the banter as well. I think with these girls you could also plan for an extra venue than you usually would, and gun for the first date lay as she gets caught up in the experience (V has very good experience with this).

Next is conscientiousness, and is summed up well by #45. You can spot these girls by their efficient fashion, smart outfits, and determined walks. Their responses will be as efficient as their clothes are and you can leave longer gaps in the texting, given their lower tendency to flake. You’ll probably have shorter sets because once she’s decided you’ll progress to the next level, any more time is wasted time. On the date be the immovable object and come across as a little bit serious. She’s hoping that you’re not going to be the kind of clowns she interacts with in her everyday life. Having walked over men during the day, she’ll also love the chance to meet a man who can dominate her, so grab a fistful of hair when you get the makeout.

Remember, just because she’s high in conscientiousness doesn’t mean that she’s not feminine (for the right man). With #45, she was a leader in her environment, but melted when she was with me.

Next up is neuroticism and agreeableness. It’s best to pair these two because they describe, in my opinion, the key differences between the masculine and feminine behaviour sets. Masculinity means low neuroticism and agreeableness, while femininity means high scores on these traits. I think that the vast majority of Daygamers will be aiming for feminine girls, which means not changing your approach much. At most, if you think the girl isn’t very feminine, then treat her in the same way that you would a highly conscientious girl (be to the point).

The other thing to be weary of with highly feminine girls is flaking. They agree to dates when they can’t make it (agreeable), and are scared of what she’s agreed to when you’re not messaging her (neuroticism). To counter, keep up a steady stream of messages each day just to assuage any of her fears. Just a simple and safe (but still different) window on my world ping so she doesn’t get a chance to ponder whether she’s a slut for agreeing to come on a date with you.

Lastly there’s extraversion. I said that this didn’t make much of a difference to Daygamers themselves because you learn how to interact in a certain way. It’s like how the gym makes your muscles bigger, but you’re only strong when pushing a certain weight in a certain direction in a certain environment. With girls, it makes a much larger difference because they’re stuck with whatever kind of ‘troversion they began the seduction with. You’ll probably be able to tell this trait after the first thirty seconds of the set, and it depends on interest as well, but probably with less finesse. That is, an introverted girl who is highly interested might ask a lot of basic questions. It’s like she’s being a poor imitation of an extrovert.

For introverts who behave as such, though, be prepared to monologue. It’s good and I prefer it because she slips into listener mode and accepts your frame. Introverts will likely be higher in openness too, especially the intellectual side, which means you’ve got a perfect candidate for intellectual mastery. Krauser has written a lot about introverts.

In contrast, extroverts are by their nature talkative, so beware for false positives. I simply listen out for the content of their words to see whether their talk is helping or hindering the seduction. She can be encouraging towards sexualisation, which of course is a great sign, but she could also be talking along deep rapport lines. That might be what you need at that moment too. If she’s neutralising the seduction, kill the thread and point her in a new direction. As long as she’s pointed in the right direction, encourage her with occasional nods and “uhuh’s”, which will help with her probable neuroticism too.

There is so much to think along these lines and I can’t be bothered to think about it all right now.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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