Counting My Chickens / Retarded American Girls

As I’ve gotten back into Daygame from being ill a couple of weird things have happened to me recently.

I was out Daygaming and opened an American Asian girl around Piccadilly Circus. The set was a little bit more interesting than run-of-the-mill, at least in the sense that she yammered on for ages and I had to actually work hard to get her to stop talking so I could number close her. She let me stand reasonably close, so that was good, but when I tried to touch her she recoiled a bit, which was a very bad sign.

I walked away from the set planning to send my feeler a couple of hours later like usual, but she beat me to it. “So when are we going to meet?” she asked. I looked at that message and thought “Yes! A gift from the Daygame Gods.” She had literally asked me out before I had sent my feeler, which made me think it would be massively on. It was not to be…

We quickly agreed to meet the next day and I got a bad sign straight away. I went to hug her hello (the height difference would have made kissing her cheek awkward) and she suddenly jumped back and wouldn’t do it. “Fantastic…” I thought to myself. She reacted in the same way when I tried to touch her later on, and said that she would need to know someone for weeks or months before she’d feel comfortable with them. Yawn. It was one of the worst dates I’d ever been on, where she talked as if she was literally interviewing me to be her boyfriend. Out of the blue she asked where I went to university and what I did for a living, with no conversational buildup.

I was aching to see her off and was so grateful to take her back to the train station. Oh, and I did offer the bounce home just in case she was acting retarded, but she said no. I wish I had been ruder to her before we parted ways.

And another story, a bit more recently: I met another American girl who told me she was only in town for 12 hours. That set the SDL alarm bells ringing in my head and so I went for the delayed i-date (she had a phone call to take care of first). I ended up meeting her at midnight near my flat, and she had travelled for about an hour to meet me there, and took her straight to a bar where I kissed her after five to ten minutes of conversation. She then ended up laying against me: passing the floppy test completely. Then when the drinks were finished, and I thought I’d bagged a solid lay from out of nowhere, she looked at her phone and said “well I better be getting home then.”

What the actual fuck…

I even walked her to my front door, and she wouldn’t come in. I can say I tried everything apart from getting my dick out in the bar…

So there are a couple of random things that have been happening to me recently. I got three lays in June, but July has proven to be annoying. Very annoying.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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3 thoughts on “Counting My Chickens / Retarded American Girls

  1. Sheesh! these yank birds certainly seem fuckin hard work! hope you get your cock wet again soon in something more eastern european son 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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